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Will my daughter be able to have sedation for her tooth extraction?

My 19 year old has had some work done on her teeth at an NHS dentist in Coventry, She has had fillings last week and unfortunately the dentist was unable to complete extraction of one tooth, so only half taken out. Since this time she has developed an infection and has now been prescribed flagyl and amoxycillin. She will be referred to an oral surgeon to take out the rest of the tooth. She has asked the original dentist if sedation would be available to take the rest of the tooth and I understand that he advised her as an NHS patient she would be only offered gas. My question is would she be able to be seen by yourselves to complete extraction and would you be able to give her sedation. ? She is now very traumatised by the tooth extraction experience. Also would you have any idea of cost? 

Hello,  Most oral surgeons are able to get IV sedation for patients , and no it wouldnt be just gas , that is not true ..
Because your daughter has already had this trauma , its entirely appropriate for her to ask for and be offered IV sedation .
I suggest you ask the oral surgeons office before the appointment whether they offer it .
I would do extractions with sedation myself , but I think where there is an incomplete extraction its best done by an Oral surgeon .
If you live in London its possible to be refereed to a dental hospital for this . Hope your daughter gets sorted out .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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