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Will Valium Help My Husband Breathe During an Extraction?

Hi, my husband badly needs root canal work on his back tooth (penultimate one). However, he finds it difficult to breathe through his nose and doesn’t see how he can sit through the process if he can’t breathe. He’s thinking of having it extracted but I’m uneasy about this option because of the knock-on effects. The dentist suggested Valium. Yes, that would curb the anxiety but if he can’t breathe….

Hello. I understand your concerns for your husband. However it’s his treatment and him that has to undergo it.
Has he been given the options, including any consequences of having it out? Losing a molar tooth does not necessarily mean losing overall function.
To have a root canal treatment means having a special rubber sheeting over the tooth to stop anything going into the mouth . The patient can still breathe through their mouth and nothing goes behind it.
However, it’s sometimes the case that a tooth needs to be crowned afterwards and that also involves a procedure which requires someone to be able to breathe well.
Yes valium may well help him relax as a tension makes breath holding more likely. Hope this helps, Jenny.

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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