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Would changing dentists help me get over my fear?

hiya whats the deal when it comes to switching dentist I always thought I was terrified of dentist then I realised that it might just be my dentist that im terrified of! i was sat in another dentist the other day waiting for my mum and was completely calm- admittedly I wasn’t there for treatment which I have no doubt calmed my nerves, I was wondering whether or not you know if this could make a difference? Im just worried that I’ll go through all the rigmarole of swapping dentist (which I don’t know if I can do because ive been with the same one all my life) just to find out it doesn’t actually make a difference. so yeah do you think changing dentist will make a difference, have you heard of any cases where this is apparent and if it doesn’t help what can I do to help myself?

It may be that seeing a new dentist will help you, but it might be better to speak to your own dentist and try to get to the bottom of your phobia.

If you ask them if they would have any objection to you seeing another dentist I am sure that he or she would not mind. This way if things don’t work out I you could always go back to our original dentist, who would have be grateful that you let them know what was on your mind.

Good Luck

Dr Simon Nery

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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