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Would I be able to change dentist after my horrific dental experience?

Hi Jennifer

I had an extremely bad experience today at the dentist. It was with a new dentist, my previous one was lovely and actually helped me get over my fear of injections as she did it very slowly and there was no pain.  However today, I was told I had bad decay in a lower left back tooth, and it needed to either be extracted or to attempt a root canal. (I’m on warfarin tablets and the dentist seemed very dismissive of the RC, even though I would need to stop my medication if I had an extraction)

i’ve opted for the RC. The dentist was very harsh, did not communicate with me and the dentle assistant was never in the room, and had nothing out ready so the dentist kept going out to find her.  When he started numbing my lower jaw he used so much force it was unbearable. My feet were kicking out as an impulse, and that almost made him push harder. Only asking me if I wanted him to stop after a prolonged period of time with me moaning in pain.

Prior to the injections, he knocked my damaged tooth several times, like you would a nail with a hammer. That really hurt and ive never had such harsh, brutal treatment before.
Is that normal? Im currently on ESA benefit and I need to go back to a dentist this week for the tooth. How do I go about changing dentists? Do I have a right to complain? I know I qualify for free dental treatment, so I was wondering if that was why this man seemed to be so lacking in empthay and general patient care, due to me not paying the regular charge?

I felt very scared and nervous, I do not want to be seen by this man again.

If I explained this to a new surgery/dentist, would they be more inclined to take it easier on me and go slower?

I’ve never had such a bad experience at the dentist before and after today im truely terrified of going back to the same dentist. Do all injections in the back of the mouth behind the lolwer teeth extremely hurt? I could feel it almost coming into my ear and I can’t go through that again.

Sorry for this long message, I’d be very greatful if you had the time to respond.
Best Wishes

Im so sorry that you have had your confidence damaged and had such a difficult experience . Yes, you can change dentists any time you want.
I would make an appointment with another dentist perhaps someone who a friend recommends or one that someone on has had a good experience with .
If you have the tooth extracted then you would need to have your warfarin checked a day or two before the procedure , but these days its not usually necessary to stop it unless the levels are not right and its an urgent procedure .
I would suggest you just book for an assessment , then you will have time to tell the dentist about your bad experience , and make a decision about what treatment to have .
Its very sad but the NHS system is so badly structured that a dentist can end up with no pay for a complex procedure leading to rushed treatment and patient distress .
Its likely that as the nerve has now been removed you probably would not need an injection at the back of your mouth to treat the tooth again , but one just beside the tooth .
Hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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