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Would I be able to get a root canal without having to have a injection?

hello expert,
Quick question for you, would I be able to get a root canal without having to have a injection? I av been told that in desperate need of one but i keep putting it off as Iam terrified of needles and would prefer to do the procedure with no pain relief rather than having to have a needle jabbed into to mouth. Is this possible? Thanks for your time

Dear Sir/Madam
Thank you for explaining your concern. You specifically mention an injection in the mouth – do you feel the same about the thought of an injection in your arm which would enable controlled sedation? If you could cope with this, then it would be possible to undertake your treatment as the Sedative relaxes you so that you are not bothered about the treatment.
There are other alternatives to help you overcome your phobia, but in light of you needing to get this treatment done I suspect it would be best to deal with your current dental problem ( I.e the urgent need for root canal treatment) first. Delaying this kind of treatment can make it considerably more difficult to undertake at a later date, or even lead to potentially dangerous spread of infection – it is wonderf to see that you are taking this first step by looking at alternatives through the dental phobia website andgetting expert advice.
I hope this is helpful. Please feel free to contact me again should you wish to consider your options in more detail.
Dr Simon Nery BDS, FDSRCS(Eng), M.Sc,MRDRCS, DipImpDentRCS

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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