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Would local anaesthetic be safe without adrenalin?

Hello , my daughter is 17 , and needs a filling replaced due to a broken tooth , The dentist has said that because of my experience with local anesthetic , fast heart beat , hot face and rash , he can give her a local with out adrenalin in , are these safe ?I  have read on the internet it mentions that not having adrenalin in can make a toxic reaction to the anesthetic possible , how likely is this to happen , as this is worrying me now , many thanks for your help 

Hello I think here is a bit of muddling things going on here .
Is it the type of local anaesthetic or the adrenaline that is causing you to have these problems ?
There is allergy to a specific chemical which might cause a rash .
Adrenaline is produced naturally by the body in the ‘fight or flight ‘reaction , so its not allergy to it .
Sometimes the adrenaline inadvertently gets into a blood vessel and causes transient palpitations , and feeling faint .Some people feel unwell with the extra adrenaline .
Your daughter is a different person , and as local with adrenaline generally works better than the alternative , its best not to assume that she will react the same way as you .
locals without adrenaline , or with an alternative called Citanest with Octapressin ( alternative vasoconstrictor to adrenalin ) are very safe and widely used for many years .
Hope this helps and your daughter has a successful filling

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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