This is one of those moments where you may have to suspend belief for a moment. You may have to enter a ‘what if’ world, where science achieves the impossible and dentists can do things you never dreamed possible. Because an astonishing product is now available that most dentists reckon could change how they treat their patients!

For dentophobic patients, this is just the kind of news you want to hear. Or, is it really just the kind of news you’ve heard before? Dentistry is always heralding the next new wonder product. So let’s take a closer look at Healozone and find out exactly what it does.

What is Healozone?

Healozone is a new type of advanced technology that enables dentists to target tooth decay with ozone. Ozone is a natural destroyer of bacteria, so it kills bacteria in rotten teeth wherever it comes into contact with it. So effectively, it stops teeth from rotting any further.

That must be music to the ears of people with a sweet tooth.

How does this help dentophobics?

Healozone can help stop teeth from decaying further. Therefore, you may not need anaesthetic or drilling in the future, as decay can be removed so much more easily. As injections and drilling are two of the most significant stimuli for dental phobics, you can see why it ticks a number of boxes with patients who are frightened about visiting their dentist.

What does the treatment involve?

The HealOzone is applied directly to the tooth in a period of 20 to 40 seconds. The application of the ozone kills the bacteria and gives the tooth added minerals. Your tooth will be stronger and less likely to succumb to decay in the future. At the same time, you will also be given a Patient Kit so that you can continue adding healthy minerals to your teeth and strengthening the work that HealOzone has begun.

Does it hurt?

Not at all. Not only does HealOzone remove the need for injections and drilling, it is a totally pain-free treatment. This is why it is used increasingly to treat phobic patients and children, with huge success (and customer satisfaction) rates.

Is it safe?

Ozone the gas is formed from oxygen particles, so it is entirely harmless to people. HealOzone is not only harmless, it also helps teeth to become stronger in fighting decay in the future.

So does this mean the end of fillings?

Not necessarily. Amidst all the clamour about how fantastic HealOzone is, it is important not to forget that this is really a preventative treatment. HealOzone helps to prevent tooth decay and to remove the bacteria that cause tooth decay. If your teeth have decayed to the point where fillings are required, HealOzone will not remove the need for those fillings. In fact, cavities will need repairing otherwise the bacteria could return and the decay could start afresh.

As we said above, HealOzone is preventative. If it is used to combat decay early enough, it can stop you needing fillings and therefore remove the requirement for some of the more painful treatments. On the other hand, it will only kill the bacteria, not enable your tooth to miraculously regenerate itself.

How widely available is HealOzone?

More and more dentists are using HealOzone, especially specialist ‘gentle dentists’ and dentists who focus on younger patients. The technology behind HealOzone is also developing. As new applicators are designed, HealOzone can now be applied to a wider range of treatments and used in areas such as root canals. This is a major step forward for the technology and should encourage more dentists to use it.