Dr Shawqi Al-Hashemi
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  • Dr Shawqi Al-Hashemi
  • FFD RCS Irel 2005 MFD RCS Irel 2005 MFDS RCS Eng 2005
  • GDC: 101630
  • Certified for +5 years
  • Certified until 1st March 2018
Dental Phobia


Mulberry Dental Clinic 42 Market Street,
Old Harlow,
CM17 0AQ

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Elaine Shariff on 1st November 2017

I was very impressed with the treatment to remove a wisdom tooth. I went in expecting the worst, the whole treatment lasted less than 10 mins and the pain was no where near what I had been told to expect. Thank you so much. Post pain is minimal being controlled by pain killers.

Chris on 19th January 2017

I was refered here for a wisdom tooth removal, as a very nervous patient I found there was no need whatsoever to feel nervous at all, the treatment was fast and virtually pain free. Best dentist in town.

Hannah Gritty on 18th January 2017

My experience at Mulberry dental clinic was quick and painless. I had to have a double extraction including a wisdom tooth it was all over in about 5 minutes. They were friendly,professional and caring I would recommend them to anyone who has a phobia of the dentist as I had never had an extraction of a tooth before this experience. If I had to go again for another tooth removal it wouldn't bother me in the slightest. Very highly recommend.

Angela on 10th January 2017

I was referred to Mr Al-Hashemi following a referral from my own dentist. A professional and reassuring welcome on meeting. After a shaky experience with my own dentist for the removal of a tooth taking an hour and a half, the tooth fractured and left a root in the gum. Mr Al-Hashemi, having reviewed my x-rays informed me immediately as to his intended process and promised me that it wouldn't take anymore than two minutes - and he was true to his word. He obviously knows his job well and provides a swift, professional and most importantly painless service. On meeting, I have to say that I felt reassured that this would finally proceed to a satisfactory conclusion. I went in my lunch hour and went back to work afterwards. I'm grateful and happy with the service and I expect my managers are too! Thank you so much.

Lindsey on 10th January 2015

I saw Dr shawqi at another clinic he works in today for an extraction, he was 100% amazing very polite, understanding, talked me through. I was very nervous and in floods of tears and he was very patient and done everything he could to calm me down. I could not recommend him enough this guy needs an award.

marc ward on 4th January 2013

I joined this dental practice Mulberry Dental Clinic as i am a very nervous of dentists in general, all i can say is that the staff and dentists are very caring considerate and sympathetic and most of all very professional. I would highly recommend this dentist surgery to anyone who is scared of the dentist, as once you been here you will keep going back, as i have.

mary dixon on 20th May 2012

after a very nervous morning waiting for my appointment I must say how reasureing everyone made me feel. My treatment went without any problems which made my recover easey. Thank you all very much.

vanessa m doherty on 3rd April 2012

The care and treatment I received, was great. The whole team worked perfectly together. A big thank you from a very nervous patient.

A.K. on 22nd March 2012

Very polite, made me feel very comfortable considering it’s not a nice thing to go through, thank you Excellent all round service for my elderly father, thank you

T P on 22nd March 2012

I was extremely satisfied with the surgeon and everyone who helped him. I could not have asked for a better service.

ARG on 22nd March 2012

Brilliant attitude to the patient, I deal with complaints for the NHS and I was very satisfied with this treatment - ARG

M. B. on 22nd March 2012

Mr Al-Hashemi was very good and put me at my ease as I was terrified

A L on 22nd March 2012

Excellent service and treatment as I was very nervous, made me feel completely at ease.

D K C on 22nd March 2012

They were excellent, very personable and caring and explained everything really well and let go at my own pace Fantastic!

R W on 22nd March 2012

Extremely friendly surgeon and staff. Removal of 2 wisdom teeth was stress free and managed well. Thank you so much.

R D on 22nd March 2012

The service is fantastic and the atmosphere is very friendly. Good service

Dawn John on 22nd March 2012

Superb service! I couldn’t believe it was NHS. It felt the level of a private service, Thank you - Dawn John

T P on 22nd March 2012

I was extremely satisfied with the surgeon and everyone who helped him. I could not have asked for a better service.

H L on 22nd March 2012

Mr Shawqi Al-Hashemi was a great surgeon, spoke through everything with me and was highly considerate. Great surgeon and nice guy

GLW on 22nd March 2012

Good personal service once the appointment started. The explanation of the treatment and thought in patient care was excellent

S. T. on 22nd March 2012

This dentist was great, good sense of humour, felt totally relaxed, not like going to the dentist, no problem at all. S.T.