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Dr Bashar Al-Naher

BDS Lond 1984 | GDC: 59621
7 YRS Certified for +7 Years Certified until 14th December, 2021
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118-120 Hammersmith Rd, Hammersmith, W6 7JP 0203 9068 499 Visit website



ON 3rd December, 2016

What can i say about this unbelievable technique Dr Bashar uses! The Enjoyable Dentistry Technique is truly remarkable and unique. I am a very nervous patient and I've been looking for the dentist who understands my fears for YEARS..finally I have found him. By searching online i found that Dr Bashar had great and positive reviews and as I kept reading on, many mentioned the relaxation feeling they experienced. Feeling relaxed at the dentist? Surely that is impossible. I was so wrong! I decided to book in for a consultation with Dr Bashar, explained that I needed an implant as well as the fact that I am terrified of the procedure. He was calm, listened and reassured me that I would be in good hands. The day of the treatment came and he was absolutely right. I was blown away by the technique he used and the calming effect of the sedation. If you are a nervous patient, I wouldn't think twice about recommending Dr Bashar. Truly grateful for his work..I am no longer afraid to visit the dentist.


ON 18th January, 2014

I have been suffering from dental phobia since I was a little girl. I have tried visiting many different dentists thinking that it will improve, however the fear of the drill and the pain was always present. I have been so scared to go to the dentist that I have neglected my teeth and ended up with gum infection that led to several extractions. My teeth were in a state! I was searching on-line for a good implantologist, who could reinstate my smile to its original state, when I came across Dr Bashar. The reviews were excellent, and almost every single one mentioned this unique technique, called enjoyable dentistry technique. I did some more research and thought I'd give it a try. After the initial consultation, I already felt at ease, which was very strange as I was always very stressed during my dental visits. Dr Bashar explained that he'd use his enjoyable dentistry technique during the whole treatment and that I shouldn't worry. Trying to take his advice on board I attempted the first implant placement. To me, having a dental implant placed is like undergoing a major surgery; this is the level of fear I reach even thinking about it. But for the first time, I was proven wrong. I came to the surgery crying out of fear and left the clinic crying out of disbelief at how pain-free and relaxing the treatment was. I never thought I would ever say such thing about a dentist, but Dr Bashar changed my life. He simply healed me from my dental phobia for life. I still cannot believe it; even writing it now seems a bit weird as just a few months ago, the thought of going to a dentist was filled with terror. I don't think I will find words of appreciation and gratitude to compensate Dr Bashar's and his team care but I hope sharing it on here will help others, who just like me had dental phobia since childhood. I think this technique, and Dr Bashar's approach to care for his patients should be multiplied and we should see more surgeons and healthcare professionals who do care about their patients' well being. I would highly recommend Dr Bashar to anyone, not only phobic patients but anyone looking for an excellent dentist. I've found mine now and will be back for a regular check up to make sure my teeth stay healthy. Thank you for everything Dr Bashar.

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