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Dr Rakhi Amlani

BDS Wales 1997 | GDC: 72966
10 YRS Certified for +10 Years Offers sedation Certified until 1st October, 2022
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142 High Street, Banstead, Surrey, SM7 2NZ 01737 350068 Visit website


Mrs Greaves

ON 22nd March, 2022

I required quite a lot of dental treatment over a short space of time. Dr Amlani was very professional and reassuring. She explained all of the options available. I elected to have sedation and the work was completed without any pain or discomfort at all.

Mandy Cornell

ON 2nd February, 2022

I have always been afraid of going to the dentist and have had very large gaps of not attending first gap was 28 years I attended for a year then a second gap of 8 years. I have been thrilled with Rakhi, she has made mere feel so at ease and hertreatment on my teeth has been amazing Highly recommend if you are nervous

Jane Doorgachurn

ON 18th February, 2021

Having been dental phobic since a child I needed treatment and a friend recommended Rakhi. I opted for sedation to have two fillings and a clean - all went well. I then went back few days later as was getting pain and one of the fillings was a bit high so Rakhi said it needed filing down and I surprised myself by allowing her to attempt this whilst I was awake - I cannot believe how easy it was. I’ve even booked to go for a check up in 6 months - something I’ve never done before! Can’t say I’m cured but feel confident enough to go back for checkup knowing Rakhi will only do as much as I say and stop if I don’t want to continue. I highly recommend Rakhi to any nervous/anxious patients reading this.

Nina Burgess

ON 27th November, 2020

Dr Raki, was amazing almost burst into tears on arrival when the seat went back. Did some breathing exercises and was made to feel so much calmer. Would highly recommend lovely people, receptionist also really welcoming to. Have booked again, which is a first for me to return to the same dentist. Really great experience and feel a lot less scared now

Pam wyatt

ON 10th November, 2020

Over the past 20 years my trips to the dentist have been very few. I hated injections in my mouth and all my life have had fillings without. Each time a bit of filling or a tooth chipped I promised myself that the next time it happened I would go to the dentist. Eventually I had no option as I broke a front tooth so I found what looked to be a good option. With all the work that was needed at each visit I would have a mouth of injections but they would wear off before the next procedure I walked away and left it for a few years with a crown on the front tooth that would not last for long. Eventually realization hit that I couldn't carry on like this I researched and found a dentist. Duly attended for my appointment but was kept waiting for half an hour. My anxiety levels were through the roof so my husband took me out. Driving home we stopped in Banstead and there was the sign outside the Banstead Dental Centre asking for nervous and anxious patients. The times I must have seen this sign and not taken any notice of it. An appointment was made and 'my journey' began. Rakhi has been so understanding and supportive. I have needed a few extractions and fillings. Normally my husband would be holding my hand through this but with Covid I have had to attend on my own. Both her and the dental nurses have been fantastic. It's never going to be my favourite place to visit but through the professionalism and understanding of Rakhi and the team I now have my smile back. Cannot recommend enough. no matter how nervous you may be, just trust her, it is worth it.

Sharon Lyttle

ON 6th March, 2019

Fantastic dentist. I am a very nervous patient and I was happy to have treatment done because I was made to feel at ease. Would highly recommend.


ON 10th October, 2018

I've had 2 sedations and have now even progressed onto non-sedated treatment with Dr Rakhi, as she has restored my confidence so well. She does a fantastic job of putting you at ease and is very understanding about the nerves. The sedation team are very professional and recovery is quick. My treatments have been pain-free. The receptionists are welcoming and helpful, & the treatment room has a calming view of a garden which helped a lot. I'd been putting off some big treatments for years due to feeling extremely anxious after very unpleasant experiences at the dentist. Now I have confidence to go for check ups & treatment with no worries. Go and talk to her about your fears & she will talk you through your options.


ON 24th July, 2018

I highly recommend Rakhi if you are scared of the dentist or anxious about treatment. I have sensitive teeth, plus I suffer with severe anxiety about dental visits caused during my childhood. However, I have just finished my course of treatment (3 fillings and a broken tooth repair) and I have even booked my 6 month check up without a blink. Rakhi is so kind, understanding and patient that I felt at ease and in control throughout my appointments. She helped me to relax at the outset and does not rush you through the treatment. She checked that I was comfortable at every step along the way and gave me opportunities for a 'breather' if required. You can be really honest with her about your fears and she doesn't make you feel daft or silly. It's been such a relief to have found her.

Emma Gill

ON 28th March, 2018

‪After 7/8 years of putting off the dentist and creating a huge fear in my head I finally realised at some point I would have to go back- especially after having years of bleeding gums and pain. I’m 25 years old but still needed my mum to come with me on my first trip back to the dentist! I think one of my fears was embarrassment that I had left it this long and let my teeth get so decayed but Rakhi put me at ease straight away.  Rakhi was not judgemental at all, and throughout every treatment I had, she always made me feel calm and in control. Allowing me to stop and have a break whenever I needed to.  I would recommend Rakhi to anyone with a phobia of the dentist- I now feel I can go back to the dentist every 6months for my check ups with no worry and if further work needs to be done in the future I am confident that Rakhi will make it as easy and pain free as possible!‬

Kate Kinrade

ON 5th December, 2017

I had not been to the dentist for years. I have a very strong gag reflex which makes having my teeth checked quite an ordeal. Unfortunately I recently broke a tooth so there was nothing for it....I did a little research on local Dentists and read some very good reports about Dr Rakhi. What a revelation! I was put at my ease immediately and with my stress levels reduced I hardly gagged at all. I had a lower back tooth filled without expensive sedation. Thank you.

Maria Foskett

ON 16th September, 2017

I have panic attacks and although I visit the Dentist every six months I am ok as long as I do not need treatment. On my last visit Rakhi said I had a filling that needed replacing. Major Panic! I knew I had to have it done otherwise eventually I would have had pain. Rakhi was really understanding and put me totally at ease as did the lovely dental nurse. I would highly recommend anyone who is nervous to visit Banstead Dentist and see Dr Rakhi.

Moira Tonna

ON 10th August, 2017

Having had many bad dental experiences since childhood I developed a dental phobia. As my dentist was unavailable and I had toothache, I tried to find a new dentist. As I live in Banstead I checked out Banstead Dental Care online and found Rakhi. I phoned and the receptionist was so understanding and said I would be fine with Rakhi as she deals with nervous patients. My tooth was examined and later extracted and I have continued to receive excellent care and advice since. Rakhi is very caring, calming and professional. She is the best dentist I have ever had because she will give the very best treatment she can. I have visited this week for a check up and was advised to have replacement fillings. All of the treatment is explained and I like the way the treatment plan is presented that work is required to achieve dental fitness. Having had the filling I felt unwell and received great care not only from Rakhi but also from the lovely dental nurse and receptionist. The practice is welcoming, clean, calm and professional. I also see the hygienist which for me is progress as she is kind and gentle. I would recommend Rakhi to anyone looking for a dentist as she is so understanding, reassuring and provides a first class service.


ON 5th April, 2017

Having been too scared to visit the Dentist for nearly 18 years, an extreme abscess which caused half my face to swell up, forced me to face head on that I NEEDED to see a dentist, but the idea of going to the Dentist made me feel physically sick, and even trying to take my son to the dentist had been know to induce a panic attack! I found Rakhi on this website, and although Banstead is quite a trek from my house, it was an area I knew well having grown up local to there so I felt more comfortable about not panicking on the journey there. I called and the amazing Receptionist put me at my ease straight away, assuring me I wasn't being silly, I explained the situation through the tears and she found me an appointment as soon as possible. I cried the entire hour journey over there. Then cried like a baby when explaining the causes of my extreme phobia. Rakhi was fantastic, so calm and at no point did she make me feel uneasy or uncomfortable, everything was done at a pace I was comfortable with. And most importantly at no point did I feel embarrassed by the state of my teeth, which had been quite a factor on why I hadn't sought dental care sooner. I knew that the news wouldn't be great, and she recommendation given my fears that I needed 3 teeth out ASAP rather than trying root canal or anything else that would probably only improve things for a short time, it was best we just go ahead and take them out under sedation. My teeth were in such a bad way that the abscess flared up again, and they speedily gave me the strong antibiotics I needed whilst waiting for the sedation appointment. She also recommended her colleague do the procedure to ensure that the teeth came out as easily as possible. I am happy to report that the 3 teeth are now gone, and that I have bravely managed to also see the hygienist twice (with the aid of my iPod on as a distraction) and my teeth are now on their way to being the best they've probably been since my early adult years. I still have to psyche myself up to go there, I'm still finding it hard, but knowing that all the staff are so understanding really helps. I would thoroughly recommend Rakhi to anyone that has any issue about visiting the Dentist.

Jonathan Barnett

ON 19th May, 2016

I did not think the high bar set by Dr Wheeler ("the heeler") for professionalism could be replaced after his retirement. However after meeting Dr Rakhi Amiani and discussing a minor phobia, this is not the case. Dr Rakhi listened to the situation/circumstances, assessed all possible avenues, and provided a realistic solution. Dr Rakhi has shown professionalism at its highest level, and is clearly a very valuable asset to not only Banstead dentists, but to Dentistry as a whole. Thank you again.

Jane Ashling

ON 22nd April, 2016

I have had a dental phobia since childhood and sadly this has caused me to neglect my teeth.I have tried various dentists over the years, only because of needing urgent treatment,and then,alas, once I had the offending tooth treated I would never be seen again ! I have tried everything to get over this stupid and dangerous ( to my health) phobia, even trying hypnotherapy but nothing has ever worked........until now ! After being in agony with a very nasty abcess and being unable to stand it a moment longer I searched on the Internet for a dentist who would be sympathetic to my fear. After visiting their website I rang for an appointment, crying with anxiety as I was speaking to the lovely receptionist who immediately put me at ease., thank you Caroline, you were so understanding . The appointment was made for the next day which happened to be my birthday, it was the best present I could have ever have bought myself ! Rakhi (Dr Amlani) was just fantastic, making me feel at ease straight away. I can't explain why but I just knew everthing would be fine from the moment I walked into her room. After just two visits I honestly feel like a new woman ! and I can't wait to go back for my next appointment . I felt absolutely no pain or discomfort during & after my treatment and she didn't judge me on the condition of my teeth or lecture me like some dentists have in the past. The dental nurse was also lovely, holding my hand throughout, thank you. To get back to total dental fitness I have a number of further visits & treatments and to be honest I can't wait. I really do believe this wonderful team have helped me finally overcome my phobia & I can't thank them enough. I hope this has helped anyone reading this & assuming you have dental phobia please please make an appointment, they are just amazing.

Linda Gordon

ON 29th May, 2015

Like most of the people here I have had bad dental experiences both in childhood and since. I therefore had a complete dentist phobia. I had put off having any treatment until I could leave it no longer. Having plucked up courage to walk through the doors everyone was just so kind and thoughtful. Rakhi is absolutely amazing. She is so caring and patient even though I was a bag of nerves and probably not listening very well. Every step was discussed so that I was happy to proceed. As I needed to have several teeth removed we opted for sedation which was really worth doing as some other work was done while I was under. I had no after effects from the sedation and felt so calm. I cannot praise Rakhi highly enough. She is compassionate, calming and puts you completely at ease. Thank you so much.

Katie Robson

ON 16th January, 2015

I am 14 years old and have been scared of the dentist since I first went. I needed mutiple fillings and always put off the idea because of my phobia. However with the help of Rakhi I have now faced my fear of the dentist and had the treatment done! Rakhi was calm, kind and explained everything throughout the process. I would deffinatly recomend her to any other nervous patients. Now I wish I had just got the treatment done earlier as it is NO WAY as bad as I thought it would be. Thankyou!!!

Margaret Bromwich

ON 10th January, 2015

Following a very bad dentist experience in my late teens resulting in ill-fitting dentures at the age of 19, which, time after time has always been the case since, I have continued to have an absolute terror of such places for 50+ years. Now for the first time in all the intervening years I am, at last, the proud owner of teeth that fit comfortably and am walking on air. Rakhi has proved to be the most amazing young woman, always calm and reassuring, giving the best advice, but above all treating you with great care and as a person. All decisions about the course of action for me were made jointly, without any pressure, giving me confidence to go ahead. I am very lucky to have found her. I cannot give high enough praise and would definitely recommend anyone who feels as I DID contacts Rakhi Amlani for the best possible treatment.

Cathy Rollinson

ON 22nd December, 2014

I'm yet another patient who has been traumatised by dental treatment in childhood. I researched dentists with a particular interest in dental phobia and was lucky to find Rakhi. I've just had a crown fitted and Rakhi recommended that I was sedated for the first appointment. As she promised, I can remember nothing between sitting down and standing up again and didn't hear any of the drilling which is probably the most terrifying part for me. It's an expensive option, but absolutely worth it. I hope I won't further treatment any time soon, but will definitely be much less anxious next time.

Hilary Plattern

ON 6th September, 2014

I had bad experiences with my dentist as a child and so had always dreaded going to the dentist. My teeth are also not the best so I inevitably end up needing treatment each time I go. I had put off going but then by chance found Rakhi. She is very calm and reassuring and her treatment room overlooks a lovely garden. She never once put any pressure on me and has helped me to completely overcome my phobia. Thank you so much.

Carole Day

ON 2nd September, 2013

I needed someone to reassure my daughter who had experienced considerable trauma in the past and Rakhi was absolutely the right person! The calm peaceful atmosphere together with time to explain procedures really made a difference and enabled her to cope with a filling and agree to return for root canal treatment. A procedure she would only have under anaesthetic before. Thank you so much.

B Howard

ON 1st November, 2012

I had a bad experience at the dentist as a teenager and many times have suffered pain at the dentist with treatment. Consequently, I put off going for years until I knew I had a big problem with one of my teeth. Despite my tears and fear, Rakhi was very patient and reassuring and never once made me feel rushed or stupid. I wish that I had met her many years ago as she is without doubt, the most understanding and gentlest dentist I have met. Sometimes I read these kind of comments on other sites and think 'You must have got one of your friends to write this??!' However I can assure you I just rang for a local dentist and was lucky enough to find Rakhi. so I am writing this comment in the hope that it will help someone else.

Tracy Murray

ON 4th November, 2011

My daughter had to have 2 teeth out as part of her orthodontic treatment. As she is a nervous patient she had her first tooth out under sedation. With the second tooth she decided to be brave and have it removed by Dr Amlani after just having a numbing injection - the whole procedure went well and there were no tears or traumas!

Mrs. N Harris

ON 19th October, 2011

I visited Dr. Amlani after plucking up the courage to visit a dentist again after 10 years. She was so patient and calm and explained my procedure thoroughly. I didn't feel rushed or pressured and am so thankful to find her!

Nicky Pemble

ON 7th October, 2011

Like most of us, my phobia stems from a bad dental experience as a child. I'm 40 now and I'm still petrified of the injection. Dr. Amlani was simply amazing! She kept me calm, explained the procedure and applied a numbing gel before the injection. I can honestly say that the injection did not hurt at all!!! I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Dr. Amlani to any nervous patient. Regards, Nicky Pemble

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