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Dr Martin Attariani

Tandläkare Gothenburg 2005 | GDC: 101539
12 YRS Certified for +12 Years Offers sedation Certified until 14th March, 2024
17 Reviews

About Dr Martin Attariani

Dr Martin Attariani initially studied Biochemistry, obtaining a Master of Science (M.Sc) degree from Gothenburg University, Sweden, in 1997. In 2005, he followed this with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree (D.D.S), again at Sweden’s Gothenburg University. 

After graduating, Dr Attariani moved to the United Kingdom, where he worked at several NHS practices giving him a broad experience treating a variety of cases. In 2008, he became the principal dentist at Orchid Dental Centre, pushing the barriers of innovation and introducing new treatments and techniques. 

Although he has broad professional interests, Dr Attariani enjoys root canal treatment, implant placement, and oral surgery. Dr Attariani has found great success using CEREC, speeding up the production of high-quality restorations. As a Clearstep accredited dentist, Dr Attariani also performs life-changing orthodontic treatments. 

To assist nervous patients, Dr Attariani has refined the way he delivers treatments to ensure everyone feels as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Listening to your concerns is important to Dr Attariani, as it helps him understand you better as a patient. 

Through clear and concise communication, Dr Attariani will talk you through any treatments or procedures so you feel condident that you have the highest level of care and support. 

Anxious patients can opt to recieve their treatment under concious sedation. During your procedure, you’ll remain awake, but you’ll feel completely relaxed. 

Orchid Dental Centre

Situated in the heart of Brackley, Northhamptonshire, Orchid Dental Centre is state of the art practice offering a range of dental and facial aesthetic treatments. 

The clinic is a BDA Good Practice member, meaning it strives to maintain a consistently high quality of dental care. In addition to BDA inspections, the clinic has it’s own internal checks to ensure standards remain high. 

Orchid Dental Centre provides a variety of services covering everything from root canal treatments to dental implants. The clinic also has specialist treatments like frenectomies and uses the latest technology such as CEREC to provide the best possible care. 

In addition to dental care, the clinic also provides facial asethestics treatments including anti-wrinkle treatment, dermal fillers, and laser hair removal. 

To manage the cost of your dental care, the clinic offers a monthly membership plan that spreads the cost of checkups and polishes over the year while reducing the cost of additional treatments and procedures. 


4 Bridge Street Brackley, Northamptonshire, NN13 7EP 01280 703125 Visit website


Wendy Ward

ON 14th February, 2024

I have had a phobia of dentists since childhood. Marin immediately puts you at ease, explaining everything thoroughly and without causing any discomfort… and I have extremely sensitive teeth. I would 100% recommend him and his clinic without hesitation.

Pam Quarry

ON 24th November, 2022

Having a broken tooth I had no choice but to do something about it. Easier said than done when you are really rather scared (an understatement) of going to the dentist!! I emailed to make an appointment rather than ringing to start with as it didn't seem quite so scary as I didn't have to talk to anyone! But I needn't have worried as all the staff are very friendly and understanding. Martin has held my hand from the first appointment just checking my teeth , through having root canal treatment and a filling under sedation, to this week having another filling with no sedation at all. This was a real milestone for me. All procedures are explained fully and the fact that Martin tells me I can stop him at any point is hugely reassuring. Thank you Martin and the team at Orchid Dental Centre. I fully recommend to anyone struggling with their fear to give them a call.

Julie Knight

ON 22nd May, 2021

After we moved dentists my daughter had to get some fillings because our last dentist was so bad. I didn't think we could get her to do it due to severe anxiety and we would have to go to a specialist dentist, but he gave her tips and things she could do like bringing in music which really helped. I have been impressed with how he did my teeth and got them all sorted but he was amazing with my daughter. The dental nurses were good too and they were always reassuring and nice. I would definitely recommend.

Sarah Coulter

ON 4th January, 2020

My teenage daughter was refusing dental treatment due to a needle phobia and being scared of the dentist. I found Dr Martin Attariana on this website and took my daughter in for an initial consultation. This went well and she then had a check up. This allowed her to build up her trust in Martin who was really patient with her and explained, using a model, what was happening with her teeth and what the necessary treatment was. My daughter had 3 sessions of hypnotherapy, which I'm sure helped with her anxiety about having the treatment. On the day of the filling, on our arrival, Martin did everything to put her at her ease, talked her through the procedure and said she was in control and could stop to rest at any time. All these things considerably helped her to relax and have the injection. The actual filling was a breeze. I can honestly say that I was amazed and really impressed with Martin's skill and patience. He administered the injection really slowly and, obviously, painlessly as my daughter immediately said "I didn't even feel that". I watched the whole thing closely and can confirm that, throughout, Martin took his time, explained what was happening and skilfully completed the procedure. I'm so grateful for this as, at last, my daughter had faced her worse fears. I can highly recommend Dr Martin Attariana.

Ian Coles

ON 5th December, 2019

Same story as most people - bad childhood dental experience - avoided dentistry until it was absolutely necessary. As i passed 50 i realised the cumulative damage would probably accelerate. You can't dodge the bullet forever.... I first went to Martin Attariani because he advertised sedation, which is weirdly still not common. I think Martin's best attribute is that he will communicate in a clear and concise way and answer questions truthfully whilst explaining all alternatives. I have had multiple treatments from root canal to implants to extractions (I know, I know!!). OK i still don't joyfully breeze in to the dentist...but i am committed to regular check-ups now because that is SO much better than waiting until it's all gone wrong.....I am a slow learner! Back to Martin - you won't do better. Bright, calming, approachable, will not rush and will treat you like an adult, not a moron. Recommended.

Steve Brill

ON 8th April, 2019

Having endured a lifelong fear of the dentist, I decided that I needed to find one that might understand and respect my fears and concerns, rather than tell me not to be silly. After some online searching, I saw that Orchid Dental in Brackley offered sedation to nervous patients and I somehow managed to pluck up courage and arrange a visit. Immediately upon arrival, it didn't feel like a traditional dentist. No horrible smells and the staff were very friendly and welcoming. Martin invited me to the dentist chair and spent half an hour just talking to me and trying to understand my fear. He reassured me and carried out a routine inspection. Having decided that I needed some very old fillings to be replaced, we arranged an appointment and offered me conscious sedation to carry out the work. Everything went well and the sedation was amazing! I have now since also had a bridge fitted to cover a gap of missing teeth, which I was very conscious of and also had a Cerec crown fitted, which is made and fitted during one visit. How good is that! I won't lie....I still hate going to the dentist and feel a little freaked out several days before each visit, but Martin and his team are unbelievable at making you feel as relaxed as possible and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Rachael Stentiford

ON 10th July, 2018

I first went to Martin a couple of years ago when I broke a tooth and basically had no choice but to go to a dentist, I researched local dentists that offered sedation as I knew there was absolutely no way I would EVER get treatment done without it. I had horrible memories from childhood and was absolutely terrified. I hadn't seen a dentist in 10 years!! I was petrified when I turned up but martin and the team were so warm and welcoming. I was sedated to have my first lot of treatment but the pain I had after was … well non existent! Not how I remembered feeling after my childhood appointments! My second appointment, again an emergency (2 years later!!) as I just couldn't make myself go unless absolutely necessary, I ended up needing a root canal, between the diagnosis and my appointment my nerves were through the roof, I was absolutely terrified but I felt able to ask Martin if we could try making a start without sedation... yes really! I NEVER thought it would be possible. I took my husband who held my hand as I shook and cried but I did it! Martin and his assistant were so gentle and kind, I am now able to go to see them without taking anyone with me. They always offer a hand to hold, I am still very nervous but I know I am in the best hands! I would not go anywhere else, I am so very thankful to have found martin and would recommend him to anyone, nervous or not!

John Osborne

ON 6th April, 2018

Having had a bad experience many years ago with a dentist, I had built up a phobia which prevented me from going to the dentist for over 20 years. Despite having continually having issues with my teeth. I have suffered with tooth ache continually for the past 2 years and it was finally getting an abscess which meant I had to contact a dentist. Still apprehensive I researched dentists who deal with dental phobias and came across the Orchid Dental practice in Brackley. On my first visit I was obviously very apprehensive but right from the start Dr Martin Attariani put me at ease and worked with me on a step by step basis to try and build my confidence. Due to the time gap from my previous visit to the dentist I clearly had a lot of work that needed to be done. The procedures I required was explained to me in detail and we agreed the best way to move forward with my phobia in mind. We have now finished bringing my teeth back to a reasonable standard and despite still being very apprehensive about a visit to the dentist the one dental practice I will go to is the Ochid. The staff are both understanding and caring in regards to their patients needs.

Katherine Elliot

ON 21st November, 2017

Despite knowing I had problems I stupidly made the decision to avoid the dentist and any treatment for many years. I started to get pain and knew I had to face up to the reality of needing treatment. I initially visited Martin feeling very anxious and was shaking as I approached the chair. Instantly he made me feel reassured, he was obviously competent and advised me in a non judgemental way. I needed to be told off for neglecting my teeth but he just offered kind and reassuring words/advice. He outlined a plan for treatment and gave me the option of being sedated. Initially I thought I would want/need to be sedated but Martin assured me that he would help me through the treatment and that I wouldn’t feel a thing. The day arrived, i was booked in for a wisdom tooth extraction and root canal, I felt sick all day. However as soon as I arrived he made me feel at ease and even spent time talking to me and trying to reassure me that I wasn’t the only person who felt anxious in the face of medical treatment. He shared his own experience too and we shared a joke which calmed me down. Despite it not being the most enjoyable few hours of my life, I’m sat at home now feeling really pleased and relieved that my teeth are sorted. It really wasn’t nearly as bad as I had imagined and I really didn’t feel any pain. My dentist was obviously highly skilled and talked me through everything that was being done and responded quickly when I raised my hand and could see I needed to swallow. He was extra careful to ensure that I couldn’t feel anything and used more anesthetic if there was any feeling at all. I have to go back in the new year for a crown and for the first time don’t feel scared. The reality is avoiding the dentist made my problems a whole lot worse but now I feel a lot better knowing I have faced my fear.Thank you for your professional approach and making dentists not scary!!!

pauline mccarthy

ON 27th June, 2016

although not frightened of the dentist per se, my problems are that i have a high gagging reflex. martin allowed me to take things at my own pace explaining every step along the way and allowing me to take breaks whenever i thought i needed them.

andrea hill

ON 1st April, 2016

Since I was a child I have been terrified of the dentist.I had many difficult experiences with a number of different practitioners.As a result of this I had not had any treatment on my teeth for many years. I cannot begin to tell you just how severe my phobia was.I was unable to sleep the night before my first appointment with Martin,I felt physically sick and couldnt speak. Walking through the door for the first time I was immediately struck by the fact that it didnt 'smell' like the dentist. The reception staff greeted me with warmth and understanding and this was very significant to me.The waiting room is small, comfortable and not at all clinical, again a huge help. The first visit was just a meet and greet with no pressure to go into the 'treatment room' or even have to open my mouth for examination, this process was extremely useful, in fact the lack of pressure meant that I was able to let Martin look in my mouth. My first treatment involved implants and was carried out under sedation. Again no waiting around, no coping with lots of other patients in the waiting room, no smells, no seeing dental equipment. However, there was lots of reasuurance, information and consultation, allowing me to feel as in control as possible.I never dreamt I would be able to have any dental treatment without sedation, but after a number of visits I am able to walk into the clinic on my own, speak a little and sit relatively calmly in the dental chair. I cannot begin to tell you how differently I feel. Martin has helped me to manage my phobia as well as fixing my teeth. I can finally smile! A huge THANK YOU

Zoe Yarker

ON 2nd December, 2015

I went to this dentist needing a lot of work and I was petrified. It doesn't look like a dentist in the reception area so this helped me relax. The reception staff are so lovely and very understanding, they make you feel welcome and helped me feel comfortable. Dr Martin Attariani then had a chat with me and explained everything didn't even use any equipment on the first visit. I then had the first lot of treatment under sedation. I then return to have more treatment and managed to have this while awake. I had route canal and the whole time I felt in control and as soon as I raised my hand he would stop. He reassured me through the hole process. I can honestly say I no longer have a fear of the dentist.. Well not of this dentist anyway. I wouldn't go anywhere else and love the way they have encouraged me the whole way through and never made me feel I was being silly. Had a crown fitted today without numbing and even had a cup of tea and a chat with the girls while waiting for it to be made. Amazing dentist!!!

John Bristow

ON 27th November, 2015

I had not visited a dentist for 8 years after experiencing poor dentistry in a rural area of France which traumatised me. After breaking a tooth recently I had no choice but to seek treatment. I began extensive research online and found a dental phobic specialist in my area, Martin Attariani of Orchid Dental Centre Brackley and based on positive reviews decided to make an appointment with him. After summoning the courage to telephone and arrange a meeting I was treated in a sympathetic and relaxed manner by the practice receptionist who put me at my ease and gave me the confidence to proceed. On arrival at the practice, which really feels more like a spa than a dentist, the receptionist remembered me and was very kind and supportive and helped me to relax while I waited a few moments in reception with my wife. Martin came out to meet me personally and was more than happy for my wife to accompany me during the consultation. Martin's manner immediately puts you at ease and although I was nervous he calmly explained everything to me, giving me the confidence to allow him to proceed with an examination - he made sure I was happy for him to start before commencing and I had felt uncomfortable about the state of my teeth but he was not judgemental and explained everything to me before deciding on the best course of treatment. Because of a number of issues there was quite a lot of work to do but there was no pressure put on me to have any of the work done, only that he would recommend I went ahead with the treatment. On the first visit for actual treatment, Martin came out to meet me again and then explained everything he would do that day before starting the work. I had thought I would need sedation but felt calm and relaxed enough to proceed without it. Martin told me to raise my left arm if I needed to stop the treatment at any time and I did use it on a number of occasions, not due to any pain or discomfort but because my jaw ached from keeping my mouth open. As soon as I did this he and his dental nurse stopped immediately ensuring I was okay before proceeding, which was very reassuring. I have now had four treatments with Martin, including crowns, inlays and fillings. Each time I am more relaxed and would recommend any person who has a phobia about dental work for whatever reason should consider visiting Martin. He is without doubt the most competent, gentle and skilful dentist I have ever used, his equipment is state of the art and the practice advocates using the best treatments and quality materials available - I am now not as nervous as before and no longer fear visiting the dentist and would give Martin and his excellent staff the very highest recommendation.

Wendy Hamilton

ON 4th November, 2015

iI have had a few bad experiences in the past with dentists so became very nervous. I went to Martin the first time as I had toothache so had no choice but to have something done. I had researched dentists that offered sedation and had seen good reviews for Martin. My first visit I was crying and shaking, I struggled to even let Martin look in my mouth! He was so patient and at no time did I feel any pressure from him. I have had a few fillings since then with sedation, over the last 2 years. The last filling I had I actually managed to have done without sedation. That was a huge achievement for me, and shows how good Martin is at putting people at ease. I can now go to him on my own for check ups,previously I've had to have my husband with me for support. I am still nervous but I know that Martin will always be respectful of my fears. I would recommend him 100% for anyone with dental phobia

Lee Dean

ON 25th February, 2014

I went to see Martin after years of fear from multiple bad experiences having visited Dentists in the past who have said they were dental phobic specialists and turned out not to be sympathetic in the slightest, which only made my phobia worse. My wife had fully researched Martin's capabilities and had met him multiple times before I did and always passed on the details to me. For me in the beginning, even the thought of going to the dentist would start my anxiety and trigger a panic attack. When I finally worked up enough courage to meet and talk with Martin, I was happy to see that the reception and treatment rooms did not smell like a dentists. Martin himself did not touch me as I explained my fears and he did not push me into any treatment. He understood all my fears and my issues surrounding dentists and treatments and offered me a way forward to help take away my pain. I have needed quite a lot of dental work done and it has all been done under sedation. The first time I was very scared but Martin and his team were ready and prepared for me. The second time I returned I felt a lot calmer and the procedure went a lot more smoothly and I felt a lot more confident. Martin and his team are very understanding and professional. I have popped in numerous times to help me feel relaxed in the environment and only yesterday I was in there again with my wife and was very laid back and relaxed and even joking with staff. I know I may never fully overcome my fear of being at a Dentist but I honestly feel a lot better knowing that I have found someone who I trust to work on me for regular check ups in the future.


ON 30th August, 2013

First time with a dentist in 20 years due to severe phobia of anything to do with drills!! Straight away it was different. It didn't smell like a dentists. All the staff are very friendly and understanding. Martin took time to listen to all my concerns and particular fears. I felt safe during the initial examination - no treatment is done then. Sedation is offered as a matter of course & Martin wasn't phased when I told him of my history of resisting even under sedation. I returned next day for a mammoth session all under sedation. I had an extraction 2 big replacement fillings and a Ceroc crown (amazingly this is a same day crown, so no return visit is required!), as well as a full and deep scale and clean. I am free of pain and will definitely go regularly. To crown this wonderful experience, Martin rang me from his home this evening just to check I was OK. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would.

Samira Stenered

ON 9th January, 2013

I would like to recommend Dr Attariani and his team to anyone who fears dentists. Their approach and care is exceptional and Dr Attariani has managed to help me control my fear considerably. He is very gentle and calming and explains the any procedure very thoroughly. From only accepting treatment under sedation, I can now manage to have simple treatments done without being put to sleep. I am extremly grateful to him and his brilliant and helpful team.

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