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Dr Anmol Chander

MFDS RCS Eng 2003 BDS Lond 2001 | GDC: 79746
9 YRS Certified for +9 Years Offers sedation Certified until 31st July, 2022
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35 Kingston Road, Staines, Middlesex, TW18 4ND 01784 466325 Visit website


Anne Edser

ON 5th September, 2018

Since a terrible experience as a child I’ve had a life-long, full-blown phobia of dentistry. I managed to have some work done (under general anaesthetic) just before my wedding in 1985 but after that found any excuse not to see a dentist, until a few years ago when suddenly a crown broke off leaving a rotted tooth exposed. I was petrified and hit one of the lowest points in my life but I knew something had to be done. I searched the web looking for a dentist who seemed to genuinely understand nervous (actually, terrified is a better word) patients. I still don’t really know how I found STCODE but thank goodness I did. I spent an afternoon plucking up courage to make the call and I knew straight away the receptionist really understood how I felt. I made an appointment to see Anmol who was, and still is, brilliant. At the first appointment he suggested I sit on an ordinary chair while we talked before asking if I felt ready to sit on the couch. He explained everything he was going to do before he did it and would stop at any time if I felt uncomfortable. The tooth needed to be extracted and replaced with one that his fantastic, high-tech equipment would make while I waited and which he would fit, all in one appointment. I had the treatment under sedation and vaguely remember thinking “Oh, I’m actually having a tooth extracted!” before drifting off into la-la land again. The replacement was amazing and I was so pleased with the result. The next step was to see the hygienist. I was still very nervous (I’ve always hated anything metal in my mouth) but she was great and held off using any metal instruments until I felt ready. I now have enough confidence to let they hygienist do whatever she needs to (she still remembers I’m a nervous patient!), something I never thought would happen. About two years ago I needed a crown replaced. Again, this was done under sedation and the new crown made and fitted there and then. Again, the result is great. I now see Anmol and the hygienist every 6 months and although I’m still a little nervous, with their help I’ve come a long way. I no longer dread the appointment date looming closer. It has just become part of everyday life. We are relocating to the north of Scotland next year but STCODE will still be my dental surgery, during visits back down to see family. Now that my phobia is at a manageable level I don’t want anything to set me back to where I was a few years ago. However nervous you are, please don’t suffer in silence. Make a phone call and let Anmol and his amazing team do the rest. They won’t let you down.


ON 2nd August, 2013

Complicated scary treatment which was fantastic, worry and pain free. Thank you


ON 22nd July, 2013

What an experience! I was completely in a mess, state of teeth & state of mind, Anmol performed magic and put me at ease. Completely different now. Very happy.


ON 15th July, 2013

Dr Anmol Chander was recommended to me by my local dental practice as I had a number of problems with my teeth that my local dentist felt Dr Chander was more qualified to correct. I therefore meet with Anmol Chander for an initial consultation which identified a number of required procedures including bridgework, veneers and an implant. After my consultation, Anmol put together a very detailed treatment plan with clearly defined objectives and prices. I elected to proceed with the treatment Anmol recommended and the process was done in several stages over quite a long period of time. Anmol was always patient and thorough. He clearly wanted to get each step just right in order to achieve the best result. He always listened to my comments and concerns and was careful to explain each procedure. The end result is that I am delighted with my new look. It is amazing what a difference a healthy smile can make. I would have no hesitation in recommending Anmol not only for specialised dental work but also for general everyday dentistry!

Lisa Sturley

ON 22nd January, 2013

Anmol is a truly gifted and kind individual after many years of extensive dental work from the age of 15 two of my friends recomended me . I had consultations at my current dentists and harley street London for implants and bridges one totally missed the fact I had gum disease and the other said that implants would be tricky and wouldn't look right . I immediately felt trust and reassurance when I went to anmol and changed anmol to my dentist immediately . At every step I was consulted offered amazingly good service with minimal pain and for the first time in my life I actually looked forward to going to the dentist as I knew the results would be incredible and anmol was such a sweetie . The outcome has been amazing my smile is a million dollars totally natural but thanks to anmol and his perfectionism my smile and my confidence is sky high I cannot thank you enough Lisa

V. W.

ON 8th October, 2012

A very anxious patient whom Anmol completely put at ease. A very caring and professional dentist.

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