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Dr Nadeem Sabir

BDS University of Manchester 2013 | GDC: 244093
Offers sedation Certified until 24th June, 2024
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ON 20th July, 2022

Unfortunately earlier this year I had to attend Wood Dental practice for some treatment. I do attend the dentist regularly for check ups because I know I should , but find that an unpleasant experience so the thought of receiving treatment for an abscess for me was terrifying . I had hoped ( and tried to persuade the dentist) that a course of antibiotics would be all I needed. Unfortunately this was not the case. I was told I needed an extraction . I attended an appointment to discuss my options ( even this was difficult and I was aware that I was "gibbering"). I opted for sedation. Unfortunately in my case they were unable to do this. The appointment arrived and I was terrified , the staff were really gentle and understanding and did not rush me at all. The doctor who did the treatment Dr Nadeem Sabir was really calm and understanding and although I was sure he had other patients to see he didn't rush me at all and was really reassuring. When the extraction was complete I couldn't get out fast enough and I sat outside on the wall to gather myself, but on reflection I can't praise the staff enough. At no time throughout the process was I rushed or patronised. I really was frightened, I have always hated the dentist to the point that when I had my children I remember telling myself that compared to going to the dentist childbirth was the easy option ! Irrational but true ! Thank you Wood Dental :)

Gail Smith

ON 23rd June, 2022

Finally, my mother took it upon herself to make an appointment for me after I'd been putting it off for years. I'd seen so many dentists, and they'd TELL me what they were going to do, never listen to me, that I'd given up going because usually whatever was done made my weak teeth worse, exactly what I knew would happen. She actually went in to several practices to "check them out" and decided Wood Dental was the best option. The receptionist was very considerate once she realised I was a bumbling wreck and let me wait outside until my appointment time. It wasn't easy for me by any stretch of the imagination but I did it, I had a consultation and managed to explain what I wanted. Unfortunately I had cold feet and backed out of another appointment. If it wasn't for Donna, from Wood Dental, phoning me I would not have gone back. I won't say it's been easy, but everyone and I mean everyone has made it easier for me, from the receptionists, the dental nurses and Dr Sabir and the team. Not one of them made me feel stupid or ridiculous, they understood and helped me feel more comfortable. Dr Sabir listened to what I wanted, offered me options, but in the end did what I asked for, even in the time frame I wanted, which wasn't easy as he needed to find a date that all his team were available, including a dental technician, he went above and beyond to help me. I want to urge anyone out there who is desperate for a dentist but thinks they just can't go because of their phobia that they can go to Wood Dental, it doesn't matter if you are a private patient or NHS, they will understand, they will do their best to make you as comfortable as possible and help you. Please don't wait until you are 57 years old to finally get the smile you've always wanted. The smile you've been jealous of. I cannot go past a mirror without looking at my teeth, they're gorgeous. I had to learn to smile again, not smirk, I had to remember that I didn't need to put my hand in front of my mouth if I was laughing and I had to get use to having a mouth full of teeth. I couldn't be happier and my treatment isn't even completed yet, very nearly though. The things I am looking forward to eating is almost an endless list, things like corn on the cob, a big juicy apple even a crusty piece of bread.

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