Dr Rhys Gabe
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  • Dr Rhys Gabe
  • BDS Wales 1996
  • GDC: 71720
  • Sedation
  • Certified for +5 years
  • Certified until 1st September 2018
Dental Phobia


Halsdon Terrace,
Great Torrington,
EX38 8DY

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Dan Cocks on 11th March 2016

Amazing, so patient, understanding and totally committed to the patient and has totally changed my view of the dentist - highly highly recommended. A totally different dental experience and one I would travel to the end of the earth for, so i consider myself lucky I am only an hour away - Thankyou so much for all your help and support.

David Tindall on 10th September 2014

Brilliant and very reassuring dentist

Jean on 13th July 2014

My friend took me to see Dr Rhys Gabe. I had an awful fear of going to the dentist going back some 40 years after a bad experience at a school dentist. However when one of my front badly rotton teeth fell out I had a choice to make, either to stay indoors for the rest of my life or let my friend take me to see Rhys. My teeth were so rotton I thought he was going to tell me I had cancer. But from the moment I saw him he put me at ease and never once made me feel bad about myself, never once judging me for my bad teeth, he was just positive that he would be able to change my life. 9 months on I can now visit the dentist without a a sedative but most of all "smile". For some it would seem a silly thing but with a lifetime of fear and talking with my hands over my mouth I can for the first time say "I like the way I look when I smile" my confidence is high and I am a changed person. Thank you Rhys for giving me my life and confidence back, I am forever in your debt.

Becky on 10th July 2012

I echo the review by Chameleon. Dr Rhys Gabe is the best dentist I have ever seen; the most understanding and empathetic and genuinely concerned for you as the patient/victim ;-) He puts you immediately at ease and is extremely professional but gentle. I could sing his praises forever because I have had a dental phobia since I was young due to a variety of extremely bad experiences. I immediately trusted Dr Gabe and that has never happened before. I have low self esteem as a result of my teeth and hardly ever smile but with this amazing dentist I really feel I can conquer my fear and smile again. I would travel many miles to see him because he really is the best. He is also very nice looking but that has nothing to do with this review but still, all helps!

Chameleon on 4th July 2011

After much reseach and recommendations of Rhys Gabe and his work, particularly in IV sedation I took my phobia / terror and remaining teeth to him, first time my teeth have seen a dentist in 40 years. Despite the pathetic state I got myself into on arrival, Rhys instantly calmed with care and understanding. He was empathetic, kind and didn't make me feel silly.A genuinely kind and sincere man who left me comfortable to attend my next appointment with slightly less terror and the belief he will help me and share this journey.