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  • Dr Melissa Goddard
  • BDS Lpool 1991
  • GDC: 67475
  • Sedation
  • Certified for +5 years
  • Certified until 1st November 2019
Dental Phobia


37 Rodney Street,
L1 9EN

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Mr. W on 19th December 2017

I have had long term problems with anxiety and depression. So of course, it follows, that I would have problems with my teeth, because self-neglect is often a symptom of low-mood and depression. I literally ignored what was happening to my teeth for years. For over a decade. They were a mess, and worse, I knew if I let what was happening run its course, the ones i still had would be gone, and that was just exacerbating my depression. I came to realize that there was no way I could let what was happening to my teeth continue. So the first step for me was that I had to try and research dentists in my area, and that was how I came across Apollonia - Dr. Melissa Goddard, and her team, in my web research. I was really impressed with the way what was on the website seemed to have insight into what was happening to me personally in a way none of the others I had researched did (and I researched a lot). It seemed apparent that what Dr Melissa Goddard was saying on this website was, that no matter how bad it seems, what is going on, it can be helped.It really struck me. I actually felt some hope. I finally made myself phone, and it was arranged; a spoken consultation would take place with Dr. Melissa Goddard herself. So I met Dr. Goddard and some members of her team, and it really helped again, the way the consultation went gave me a lot more confidence and a feeling of safety and control over what was happening, not feeling rushed, and being given room to think about it, all of this helped to take me a step further towards getting the treatment I needed. This was a point at which I had become very aware that serious immediate work had to be done, and that was what was so special about this practitioner. Because of the sense of trust, understanding, and also the professional efficiency of how the whole thing was handled.I knew I could walk in and no matter how I was acting or reacting, Dr. Goddard and the staff would know exactly what to do, and even at the last minute if I couldn't cope they would be fine, because they understand about anxiety, fear, embarrassment and all the things people who have dental phobia go through. But Dr Goddard's staff were very relaxed and immediately just took that anxiety away, just by being relaxed. It was amazing, and actually sort of a shock to me, that once I was actually there, sitting in the treatment room, the staff and Dr. Goddard put me so at ease it really ended up being a million times easier than I had ever imagined it would be. I was more relaxed than I could have possibly imagined. And the treatment went really well and was painless and easy to get through The assistants were amazing and I felt very relaxed and we just chatted and everything seemed to evolve in a very natural way. So Dr Goddard comes in and the treatment starts and it was like the easiest thing! I know that sounds weird. It does to me considering the fear I had been through. Every step was carried out by Dr Goddard and her assistants in such a way that I knew I was okay, there was a very sensitive awareness of my nervousness and anxiety. It was astonishing. There was literally no pain and not for one moment did I feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about myself or my teeth .At time of writing, this is the day after my treatment. Today I woke up with a number of things fixed with my teeth that have been like a massive burden on my back for the last 5 years, and it was a very painful issue for me in so many ways, it was adding to my problems in a really bad way for a very long time. Waking up today without those issues still being there is, well I don't know how to describe it, it is like having a new life. A terrible burden has been taken from me.I am writing this because Apollonia have really helped a person here who felt like he was in an impossible trap. I am writing this because I think if you suffer from anxiety, depression and dental phobia, like me, there is hope, because honestly, if I can do this, then you can, and I couldn't have done it if I hadn't gone to Dr. Goddard and her staff.

Elizabeth N on 16th August 2017

My daughter suffers from extreme dental phobia & I found Apollonia after a Google search for a suitable dentist. The whole team were amazing especially Melissa who spent over 4 hours treating her because she needed treatment quickly prior to going abroad for a year. The year is up, my daughter is back in England & today has another appointment with Melissa which to me is a miracle that she is actually returning and demonstrates just how wonderfully the clinic dealt with her phobia.

Victoria cohen on 22nd May 2017

Honestly don't know where to start with this fantastic dental practice. From the reception girls to Mellisa and Herman the hygienist EVERYONE is so kind, caring and their top priority is to help and look after you. I honestly can't recommend them enough. Treatment and aftercare is fantastic. Nothing's too much trouble. You can phone anytime and get an appointment and Mellisa will often phone you in person to discus what's worrying you and put your mind at rest. Personally I've had some complex issues with teeth but Mellisa and her team have been nothing but kind, patient and understanding . I can't praise this practice enough! Thank you so much Appolonia.

Claire on 21st September 2016

Honestly can't recommend this practice enough. As someone with an extreme medical phobia who normally has a panic attack just stepping in the waiting room I was so happy I built up the courage to go. The team are incredibly patient and take the time to put you at complete ease from start to finish. The waiting room is comfy and welcoming and doesn't feel like you're in a dentists office. Melissa and Francesca worked wonders with me, helping me stay calm enough to undergo a wisdom tooth removal and root canal and all in one sitting - something I never thought I'd be able to cope with. I'm so pleased I found this place. It's completely transformed my view of what a trip to dentist can be. Thank you to all the team.

Glyn Barr on 16th February 2014

Just had my braces removed after 6 months, my teeth are now perfectly straight which I never thought would be possible! Amazing results can't thank the Apollonia team enough would defiantly recommend!!

B Driscoll on 12th February 2014

I have been terrified of the dentist for many years but the worse thing for me was the embarrassment of how bad and ugly my teeth had become and it came to a point where I had to do something. I researched the Internet and Apollonia took my attention because of what it said how they deal with nervous patients. From the moment I met Melissa Goddard she put me at ease. She has a wonderful way about her and calms you down immediately and does not judge you at all. You can tell she just wants to help you. The rest of the team are great too. Lauren, one of the dental nurses, has been so lovely calming me down, especially when I've been with the hygienist and she is so gentle. I ended up with an upper and lower bridge which only took a few visits which included a couple of visits with the hygienist. I am so delighted with the result and love my new smile and this is thanks to Melissa and her team. I am now looking forward to taking care of my new smile and will never miss an appointment again. I can't recommend Apollonia enough. Thanks to Melissa and her team.

Tracie Carroll on 20th November 2013

I highly recommend Apolllonia dental practice. The staff are so friendly and helpful. I can't thank Melissa enough for the dental work she has done for me. Melissa is so patient and undestanding, I was so happy with the results, I wouldn't go anywhere else now! Thank you to Melissa and all the staff at Apollonia, Great work!

Helen Brown on 14th November 2013

I always avoided and put of the dentist for many many years as I was just petrified, but it came to a point were I knew my teeth was in such a bad condition. I was suffering with severe tooth ache and could just about sleep through the night. It took me a long time putting up with the pain before I plucked up the courage to go to the dentist. I made a few appointments in various dentists for a check up but each time I just broke down and ended up leaving the surgery without the dentist looking in my mouth. It wasn't till I found Apolonia that they made me feel so comfortable and help me overcome my fear of even opening my mouth to have it checked out. Melissa and her nurses were so nice and caring that I ended up having a load of treatment to get a nice smile back finally! People really notice too which is great. I couldn't thank everyone at Apollonia enough :)

Jackie Marley on 16th September 2013

I am a total coward when it comes to the dentist and I am rather ashamed to say I have cancelled or chickened out of more appointments than I have attended. I had been up for two nights of agony before I finally realised there was no getting out of it this time. I found Melissa and Apollonia through this website and travelled to Liverpool from more than 60 miles away because of what the reviews said. It was well worth the journey as I have never had a dental appointment like it. I didn't realise dentists could be as kind and caring as that! Melissa listened really intently on what I had to say and didn't judge me at all. I burst into tears as she listened and realised how much fear and frustration had been bottled up inside for many years.I think I went through nearly a whole box of tissues! The whole team were so friendly and positive and really made me believe I could have treatment and you know what- with their care and expertise I did! I actually had a root canal and since then have had other treatment just like a "normal" person. If I can do it anyone can. Thank you Melissa and team from the bottom of my heart :)

Hayley Franks on 16th September 2013

i am the classic terrified patient. I had a few bad experiences as a kid with a horrible scary dentist and really hated going. I would feel sick before appointments and lay awake the whole night beforehand dreading it. I made myself go but always had the bare minimum done even though I really wanted to improve my smile and hated my uneven yellow teeth. A friend told me about Apollonia on Rodney Street where she had had the most amazing smile makeover and I went along for a free consultation wanting more or less the same. I was too scared to go into a surgery so Dr Goddard had a cup of tea with me in a lovely consultation room. She showed me some similar cases she had done and made me feel so at ease I actually made an appointment to return for a proper check up and treatment before I left! I NEVER thought I would voluntarily make a dental appointment- especially when I wasn't even in any pain! Lots of people now compliment me on my lovely smile and it's all down to Dr Goddard and her fantastic team. Go Team Apollonia! :) :) :)

Carla on 28th June 2013

Having had a bad dental experience as a child due to having multiple extractions I have been putting off a visit to the dentist for too long. When my wisdom tooth decided to make a painful, infected appearance I decided it was time to visit Melissa to get it looked at. I convinced myself nobody was taking it out and antibiotics and pain relief would do! After a friendly welcome at reception in a lovely building I felt at ease instantly. The staff and patient's interact like a family, it really is that friendly. Melissa calmed my nerves before she even asked me to open my mouth she talked me through the consultation and dental examination. The tooth did need extracting and it was done there and then, in a matter of seconds before I even had a chance to re-live my past experience it was gone and I felt a massive relief. I honestly didn't even feel the injection either. How she did it so fast I will never know! I even plucked up the courage to visit German for a hygiene appointment and have booked in for 6 months time and I am even considering braces now. Really cannot recommend this dental practice enough. Thank you to all the team.

Jo cleary on 5th June 2013

Nobody was more afraid of the dentist than me. I have avoided it for years due to a really bad experience when I was a child and only went to get teeth pulled when they got really bad. However it got to the point where I was in pain, couldn’t eat and was ashamed of how they looked. I went on the internet and found Apollonia's website and plucked up the courage to call even though Liverpool is a 2 hour drive away. The way they answered the phone and the kindness and patience they showed in answering all of my questions made me feel confident enough to travel to see them for a free consultation. Dr Goddard put me at ease straight away with her warmth and compassion. She really listened to me and was so non-judgmental unlike other dentists in the past who made me feel really stupid. My teeth where really bad and I had lots of abscesses so I decided to have a full set of new teeth fastened onto implants so I wouldn't have to take them out. Because I was terrified it was arranged for me to have my treatment done under intra-venous sedation and she was amazing before I knew it I came round after what seemed like a few minutes and the surgery was done! There was a bit of soreness afterwards but I just took ordinary painkillers for a couple of days and managed fine. I feel really emotional thinking about how long I had suffered with my teeth when there are people like those at Apollonia who could of helped me years ago. Melissa and her team are total stars! Please, please, please anyone out there DON’T BE SCARED – If I can do it you can and my new smile has totally changed my life and not to mention my confidence. Jo Cleary Yorkshire

a alcock on 6th March 2013

I have always been terrified of the dentist and only went when I had pain. A friend told me about Apollonia and said how kind everyone was. I plucked up the courage for a free consultation but still was too nervous to sleep the night before! I needn't have worried the place was full of smiles and laughter and they really put me at ease.Dr Goddard didn't even make me get in the dental chair but just listened to me and I felt she really understood why I was so afraid as I'd had a bad experience as a kid.I then felt able to get in the actual chair and let her look in my mouth though she only used a mirror.I was surprised that iI didn't need much treatment- just a really good clean and 3 old black fillings needed replacing which were broken. I've also got a dodgy wisdom tooth that needs pulling at some point. I was offered sedation but felt I could manage the treatment as they made me so much less scared. I had all the treatment done in one appointment and felt like skipping home I was so happy! I am NEVER going anywhere else for my dentistry now.I would really really advise anyone who wants to be treated well and kindly to go there too.Thanks Melissa and all your team ps now plucking up the courage to get my wisdom tooth out!

M Hughes-Wirral on 14th February 2013

I have been having problems with my teeth from my early teens and after going through many long and painful dental appointments i have neglected them in my adult years mainly due to the fear of going through more painful procedures and being told how bad my teeth are.(which i already knew just from my appearence and how they made me feel!) I was recommended to go and see Melissa and after many attemps to make an appointment i finally plucked up the courage to go and see her. Now my dental fears are history i would never miss my check-ups for the world. With Melissa and Germans gentle appraoch i now have a healthy new smile and my old and missing crowns have now been replaced and i without the pain and ordeal i faced in the past i never knew it was supposed to be like this now ill never look back!! Thank you all -M Hughes

Gerard May on 21st December 2012

I had a major fear of dentists. I hadn't seen a dentist for ten years. Melissa and her team allayed all my fears and fixed my teeth in two visits. Highly recommended.

Derek Hughes on 5th December 2012

I have been a patient of Melissa's and Apollonia since she moved to Rodney Street. At every visit I have been welcomed by the friendly team into a calming environment. The patient experience at Apollonia is second to none! Melissa's vast knowledge, patience and expertise has meant I have received what I believe to be the best dental treatment possible. Melissa always has the most up to date technology to ensure her patients have the best care, treatment and experience every time they visit the practice. I also visit German every 3 months for my dental hygiene, who always welcomes me with a friendly and professional attitude. Working closely with Melissa and with the creation of a dental plan it has helped greatly with the condition of my gums and teeth. I would highly recommend Apollonia due to it's fantastic personalized service and wonderful team. Many thanks for your continued care. Derek Hughes

Debbie McGuiness on 15th August 2012

Having had a bad experience as a child I always had a fear of dentists. Sometimes I would make an appointment but not turn up and it got worse as I grew older. Eventually I got toothache and knew that I had to do something about it. Having read the reviews on this website I decided to give Apollonia a ring. The receptionist was so kind and understanding that after a sleepless night I plucked up the courage to go. I am so glad I made that decision! Melissa Goddard is lovely. At my initial free consultation I felt that she was genuinely interested in helping me and gave me the time I needed to explain my problem. I have just finished my treatment and feel very proud of myself. I never dreamt that I would be able to cope with having my toothache sorted let alone having cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance of my front teeth. Thank you so much to Melissa and her fantastic team.

Sandra Parry on 14th August 2012

Melissa and her team are outstanding! I am truly terrified of dentists, the fear of the needle has kept me away for years. I finally plucked up the courage to visit Apollonia Dental & Cosmetic Center and I was overcome with the gentle and caring way my treatment was administered and how they cared for me. They put me completely at ease and I can finally say I have overcome my biggest fear. Thank you so much Apollonia I am now unafraid to visit the dentist anymore and can thoroughly recommended you to anybody who has suffered from dental phobia like me!

Shirley Iles on 5th June 2012

Dr Melissa Goddard is an amazing dentist. I hugely recommend Dr Goddard and her team. Im such a nervous patient and its so great to have a dentist who is so patient, caring and understanding. My initial fears are always put at ease. Each time I have visited this practice the care and expertise I have received has been outstanding. I now live in Switzerland and I still use this dentist each time I go back to Liverpool as I haven't found another which compares!!

Mrs Pat Hogan on 16th January 2012

My original apprehension was quickly replaced with confidence after my first visit to Dr Goddard and her friendly staff.Many treatments later,I think she may agree I am now the ideal patient! ...almost.