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Dr Douglas Miller

BDS (Lond), LDS, RCS (Eng), MFGDP (UK), DIP. D.Sed. (Lond).. | GDC: 57970
12 YRS Certified for +12 Years Offers sedation Certified until 1st February, 2024
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About Dr Douglas Miller

With four decades of experience. Dr Douglas Miller obtained his dental qualification from Guy’s Dental Hospital in 1983. Following his training, Dr Miller worked as part of the Prosthodontics team and the Sedation and Special Care unit. In the latter, he gained considerable experience working with patients with dental phobia.

Dr Miller went on to undertake post-graduate training in Dental Sedation and Dental Phobia Therapy at London University. He has also studied at the world-famous Pankey Institute. 

Dental phobia is a cause that’s stayed with Dr Miller throughout his career, in addition to using a variety of sedation techniques and acupuncture to help nervous patients in his own practice, Dr Miller is involved in training other dentists and dental nurses on the best ways to treat people with dental phobia.

Because Dr Miller’s practice is so well-regarded, he often receives referrals from other clinics for patients with severe dental anxiety.

Alongside his clinical practice, Dr Miller has worked as a consultant to Glaxo SmithKline Oral Healthcare Division. He is an active member of the Dental Sedation Teachers Group, The British Dental Association, the British Society of Periodontology, the Society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry, and the Association of Dental Implantology. 

Dr Miller is an Expert Witness. This means he advises on medico-legal matters and reports on cases of dental negligence. He also acts as a spokesperson and consultant for the British Dental Association.

Douglas Miller Dental Practice

Situated in Finchley, North London, The Douglas Miller Dental Practice aims to deliver dentistry with integrity. The clinic has a large focus on assisting patients with dental phobia, and the team aim to help you overcome your fears. 

Several sedation techniques are available to help you stay perfectly calm throughout your treatment, and the team will always take the time to listen to your fears and anxieties.

The practice can treat patients looking for crowns, bridges, implants, teeth whitening, smile enhancement, gum treatments, snoring therapy, and more. All procedures are carried out in a comfortable, hygienic, air-conditioned, family-friendly clinic. 


2C Avenue Road, Finchley, London, N12 8PY 020 8446 3931 Visit website



ON 5th February, 2021

I want to thank Dr Miller and his team for the kindness and care shown to me during my recent treatment. I wanted to call for a while but because of my absolute terror of dentists didn’t do it. Over Christmas I broke a front tooth and had to make the call as an emergency. When Julie answered the phone she was so kind and helpful and booked me in for a consultation. When I arrived at the practice I was impressed by the high level of Covid precautions. Even though I couldn’t see their faces (due to everyone wearing masks) I was put at my ease. Dr Miller listened carefully to me - I’ve not had that before at the dentist, and he seemed to really understand my fears and told me he would do his best to help me. Mr Miller and his nurse were very gentle and really reassured me that they would be as gentle as possible. He explained everything to me and I had my treatment with a gas that calmed and relaxed me. I had my tooth fixed and it was completely painless. I can now smile for the first time in a while. I am so happy to have found Dr Miller and only wish I had gone to him sooner.

Barbara Chapman

ON 30th June, 2020

I was very nervous about my appointment but Mr Miller is Brilliant. I have to say that my phobia was treated with respect and understanding. I cannot recommend him highly enough.


ON 29th April, 2020

I had had several bad dental experiences in the past and due to this had been unable to pluck up the courage to see a dentist for several years.  Eventually I felt able to do an internet search hoping to find a dentist who could help me overcome my phobia and found Douglas Miller.  It took me a while to make the call, but when I did I spoke to a very empathetic receptionist who gave her name as Jackie, who listened and gave me time to explain my fears. She said that Douglas would be very happy to call me back for a chat, which he did the same day. I felt able to make the initial check up appointment after Douglas explained it would be at my pace and I would be in full control.  I attended for my initial appointment and was put at ease immediately by Douglas and his nurse who introduced herself as Lenka. I required some treatment and was given options as to how I might have this carried out. I chose to have intra-venous sedation as I felt it would be more manageable for me.  On the day of the appointment I was very anxious but was put at ease as soon as I walked into the reception area by Jackie who had a lovely chat with me which helped take my mind off of why I was there. The sedation went very smoothly and I have no memory of the treatment being carried out, but do recall Douglas and Lenka reassuring me that all was going well several times during the procedure. I have since returned for 2 more appointments with sedation and although I will probably always be a bit of a nervous dental patient I can honestly say I no longer call myself a phobic. Thank you Douglas and your wonderful team for all your care and understanding. 


ON 22nd January, 2019

My teeth had been worrying me for years, I really didn't like to smile in photos and spent most of the time with my hand over my mouth when I laughed. I knew that I had to do something but didn't know where to start. I wanted a dentist near to my work and started to do research on the internet and spoke to local work colleagues. Dr Miller's name came up as a dentist who had great experience with extremely nervous patients. I had had several really difficult appointments at other dental practices (due to a traumatic dental experience as a child) and was very nervous. I really didn't think anyone could help me and rather than summon up the courage to phone, I sent an email. We arranged to chat on the phone before I came in to the surgery and I felt completely reassured that Dr Miller would be able to help me. When I went to the practice I felt welcomed by everyone and most importantly he really listened to what I had to say and although I was very nervous, my mind was put at ease. He talked me through everything step by step and we agreed on a plan to help me. The treatment is going really well - there was a lot to do as I hadn't been to a dentist in many years. But we've staged my treatments so I can manage it a bit at a time. I have my treatment with intra-venous sedation and feel totally relaxed as I feel and know little about what happens at the time. Everything is going well and I am doing something that I didn't think I was going to do again - Smiling! Thank you Dr Miller for letting me achieve what I didn't think was possible and giving me back my smile.”

Elaine Gold

ON 16th June, 2017

I recently took my daughter Chloe to Mr Miller to have 5 teeth extracted. She was waiting to have some orthodontic treatment and needed to have some teeth removed before a brace could be fitted. Chloe is 13 years old and was very nervous as she had not had anything more than a check-up and teeth cleaning in the past. Mr Miller had previously seen Chloe and carefully explained what he would be doing, so as to set her mind at ease. When we arrived at the surgery, Mr Miller again explained to Chloe what he would be doing and gave her ample time to ask any questions. He was sensitive, kind and calm and put Chloe immediately at ease. Mr Miller explained that if Chloe was in any discomfort and wanted him to stop she should raise her hand and he would do so. Mr Miller had offered Chloe gas to help relax her. Chloe was concerned about having a mask over face, so Mr Miller explained that it would only be over her nose. She tried it on and found it very comfortable, and so agreed to use it during the procedure. Before starting work, and at every stage throughout, Mr Miller explained to Chloe what he was doing. Mr Miller constantly talked and engaged with Chloe throughout. He was extremely calm, proficient, and professional and made the whole experience relaxed and tranquil for both Chloe and myself. The whole procedure took far less time than I thought it would, after which Mr Miller spent time thoroughly explaining how to keep the area clean and what we would need to do in the next days to make sure that Chloe was comfortable. He gave us his mobile number and said that we could call anytime. He actually phoned later that evening to see how Chloe was feeling. I took Chloe home and she was very relaxed and happy, the whole experience having been stress free. I myself had been nervous for Chloe, but need not have worried as Mr Miller is a consummate professional who truly cares about his patients. I was delighted with the treatment Chloe received and would highly recommended Mr Miller to everyone I know.


ON 19th February, 2015

I would firstly like to thank Dr Miller and his First class team for looking after me with the upmost respect! Never judging but always encouraging. Having had an unpleasant experience with a previous dentist I found it very difficult to even go near a dentist which contributed to me having a phobia of going to see a dentist. I kept searching for someone who would understand how I felt, but after reading all the reviews I sent an email to Dr Miller explaining my fears, within twenty minutes he had replied, he asked when I felt ready to call him if I could do so, when I finally plucked up the courage to do so he was so welcoming and listened to my fears. I was then given an appointment for a consultation and to my surprise when I arrived I was greeted by Sharon and Dr Miller who made me feel so very welcome. I have started my treatment and all I can say is I never thought that I would feel so at ease in a dental surgery! I would highly recomend Dr Miller. You and your staff are truly amazing. Thank-you so much for looking after me. Y.T


ON 27th February, 2013

I agonised over my teeth for over 30 years not through pain, but sheer shame and embarrassment. As the years went by I tried to ignore them by covering my mouth if I laughed and smiled, but in the last year or so I found that my teeth were taking up most of my waking hours as I was thinking about them constantly and what I could do about them - thats if I could ever find the courage to open my mouth to show anybody. I thought the time would come when they would all fall out and even thought if it was possible just to buy a set of dentures online, pop them in, and then have a wonderful smile. Most of my internet searches were to find somebody in the same situation as me, terrified of dentists, deeply ashamed and very, very embarrassed. Through my searches one dentist's name kept cropping up: Douglas Miller. I read everything I could find about him and after many anguished hours decided to email him about "my terrible teeth". The reply I had from Mr Miller actually made me cry with relief, he seemed to understand my difficulties and put me at ease. I read the reply over and over again. My main concern was actually showing him my teeth and would he be so visibly shocked that I would have to run out of his practice never to return and never ever attempting to try to get help with my teeth again. Mr Miller asked me to call, which was very nervy for me, but straight away he put me at ease and I agreed to go to see him, I have been several times now and will continue to do so. I feel at ease, Mr Miller and his assistants have never made me feel ashamed and have explained every procedure to me. My teeth are looking much better, but I know I have a long road ahead of me, but I will continue with my treatment and actually look forward to my appointments. If I ever met anybody who felt like me, I would implore them to take the first step and if possible visit Mr Miller, you will feel like you’re walking on air and so proud of yourself after the first visit.

Lee Rodwell

ON 3rd November, 2012

Thank you for making such a difference to my son-in-law's smile. As you know, he used to be so phobic about having any dental work done, that it was only when a tooth snapped off that he was persuaded to overcome his fears and seek dental help. sadly, the treatment he received elsewhere did nothing to make him feel any better about dentists, and eight months down the road he was left with gaps in his teeth and a denture he couldn't wear. I felt very bad about this - since I was partly responsible for encouraging him to see a dentist in the first place. I then decided to investigate dental phobia on the internet and was delighted to see that you not only specialised in this, but had a practice close by. Now my son-in-law tells everyone that you did more for him in 40 minutes than any other dentist has ever done for him in the past. He's looking forward to seeing you again, thank you so much!

J Ellis

ON 17th April, 2012

Despite being absolutely petrified of dentists, Dr Miller's team were able to calm me down and made me feel remarkably at ease. Sharon has a tremendous friendly and welcoming persona which helps to make you feel immediately relaxed and Dr Miller is the most genuine, compassionate yet exceedingly professional dentist I have ever met. The dental nurses and hygienists are equally hospitable and pleasant to talk with. It is obvious that the entire team go beyond the call of duty and are committed to making a difference. Dr Miller has far exceeded my expectations of a good dentist. He is an expert in the field of dentistry and an expert in the field of phobias but he also takes the time to talk to his patients. He is not judgemental; he doesn't place emphasis on the condition of your teeth but focuses on working with you to achieve a long lasting solution. He explains all procedures step by step and does everything at your own pace without rushing. He has spent time educating me in keeping good oral care by exploring my diet, carefully explaining how to brush and floss my teeth and taking the time to answer all of my questions. A combination of Dr Miller's expert skills, alongside a friendly, kind and caring character, make Dr Miller an outstanding dentist. The dental procedures I have had were quite complex and required a lot of treatment, but Douglas has completely restored my teeth. I was sedated for these procedures but this was done with complete care and thorough regulation. Dr Miller performs incredibly accurate dentistry whilst also achieving impeccable aesthetic results. The results have given me a confidence in my dentist that I have never had, I am not nearly as nervous as I was before. Douglas has massively changed my life, thanks to him I am able to smile authentically and with pride. I cannot thank and praise him enough and would recommend anyone with or without a phobia of dentists to visit the practice. J.E.

David Lyons

ON 20th February, 2012

I was having a lot of problems with my teeth and gums and so last April l was recommended to visit Douglas Miller. From the very first appointment I felt assured. Douglas gave me the most thorough examination and talked me through all the problems and what he proposed to do. He provided me with a detailed written summary which l found very helpful. During the following weeks and months l had several extractions and two crowns fitted and these were performed using intra-venous sedation. Douglas Miller is an expert in this field and that is one of the reasons that l felt so confident and reassured in his presence. He is highly skilled and he and all his staff are kind and caring and extremely professional. Part of my treatment included the preparation and making of a partial denture. I was very concerned about how l would cope with this, due to my severe gag reflex, but at all times Douglas explained everything in minute detail and he and his technical team provided the perfect result. During one of my later visits Douglas cleaned and polished my teeth without intra-venous sedation, and gave me a lesson in oral hygiene. This was truly amazing and the intricate detail and advice that Douglas provided was fantastic. In all the years that l have sat in a dentist's chair l have never experienced the high level of dentistry that Douglas Miller provides. As l said to him: "Douglas, if only l had known about you sooner! " I would not hesitate in recommending anybody to see Douglas Miller and his team in North Finchley.

Nick Mighall

ON 2nd February, 2012

Both Dr Miller and Sharon were amazing, making me feel totally comfortable and treating me with nothing but respect. Never was I pressured into anything, but I knew this was the dentist I wanted to do the work. I had sedation for my sessions and all I can say it was amazing! I didn't even know the work had happened! Before I knew it, my work was done! I cannot thank Dr Douglas Miller and Sharon enough for giving me the confidence to beat my phobia, if you live in or around London, I cannot recommend seeing Dr Miller enough, I promise you will feel differently about the dentist after seeing him.

Zelda Heraty

ON 26th January, 2012

I was so anxious before my first visit to Dr Miller but it was a breath of fresh air to meet a dentist who is compassionate, knowledgeable and understanding to my needs. Dr Miller not only put me at ease but explained everything so well and has put me on the road to improving my teeth. Having had extensive treatment over many years, some of which has been traumatising, I am classed as a very nervous patient. I wouldn't say I am looking forward to dental treatment, I don't think any one does, but I feel a lot more positive about going. I would recommend anyone who has phobia to dentists to give him a try.

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