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Dr Emma O’hara

BDS Lond 1987 | GDC: 62983
12 YRS Certified for +12 Years Offers sedation Certified until 3rd April, 2025
28 Reviews

About Dr Emma O’hara

Dr Emma O’Hara gained her initial dental qualifications from Guy’s Hospital in London, where she graduated in 1987. 

Since graduating, Dr O’Hara has further developed her skills by undertaking training to treat nervous patients with dental phobias using IV sedation. Her sedation training course with the Eastman Dental School at University College London took a year to complete, and she passed with distinction. 

Alongside the rest of the team at Fryern Dental Practice, Dr O’Hara does everything possible to help anxious patients feel at ease so they feel comfortable getting the essential dental care they need. 

To help patients to relax fully, Dr O’Hara uses IV sedation. While sedated, you won’t experience any pain or anxiety. Although you’ll be conscious throughout your treatment, you’ll feel completely at ease. Many patients undergoing IV sedation treatment find that their dental phobias start to lift. 

Fryern Dental Practice

Fryern Dental Practice is a private dental clinic situated in Eastleigh, Hampshire. As part of the Fryern Shopping Arcade, there is plenty of easily-accessible, free parking for patients visiting the clinic. The practice prides itself on providing high-quality, affordable dentistry. 

In addition to providing general dental care, the clinic also offers cosmetic procedures, implants, as well as treatment for periodontal disease. 

The team at Fryern Dental Practice believe in providing preventative dentistry. All of the dentists at the clinic pride themselves on delivering treatments with a high degree of care and attention, communicating thoroughly throughout. 


119a Winchester Road, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, SO53 2DR 02380 262607 Visit website


Mary Need

ON 30th October, 2022

I would like to thank Emma for her care on my recent treatment. I had to have 2 large teeth out, ,and I can honestly say I didn’t feel a thing. In fact I was sitting in the chair waiting for it to be done! Emma puts you at ease and explains everything. I would highly recommend her .The aftercare is very good too .

john lawless

ON 25th February, 2021

I am so pleased with my refurbed two top front teeth, I am going to enter a picture of them for The Turner Prize. Ps: I wasn’t frightened when I went in, and left even less so. Brilliant.

Maggie Lawless

ON 6th August, 2019

I have just had a complex dental procedure and I have one word to say about Emma and her team ... Excellent! I was a very nervous patient who was reassured about what was going to happen and was treated with patience and professionalism. A great thank you, Fryern

June Pamela McPherson

ON 5th June, 2019

I have just had a clean with Emma and once again I am so pleased with the help and treatment I get from Emma & her girls. Today for some unknown reason I was in a terrible state and didn't know what I was doing or whether I was coming or going. I have always been a nervous patient but once I sit in the chair Emma has a way of making me calm down, she is a saint and I would like to say ''Thank you so much Emma I do appreciate all you do for me and all your other patients, I don't get a chance to speak to you afterwards for obvious reason so once again a great big Thank you'' June McPherson

Teresa Peluso

ON 21st April, 2019

I was due to have three teeth out plus some other treatment. I was so frightened at the thought of it but Emma suggested sedation, which would calm my nerves and make the process more manageable for me. The whole treatment took two hours and went so smoothly, it was amazing! I would highly recommend the sedation treatment to anyone who is nervous or frightened of having anything done. I still can't believe how smoothly it went. Thank you so much Emma for putting me at ease, I will never be afraid again. Don't suffer in fear - ring Dr Emma O'Hara who will make it so calm and easy for you. Also many thanks to all the kind staff who are so helpful and caring

Belinda Murray

ON 3rd March, 2019

Last year I went to see Dr Emma, can't tell you how amazing she was with me. Having had a fear of choking since a child a visit to the dentist was always harrowing. Emma and her staff put me at my ease immediately. I would highly recommend this lady to anyone with fears/Phobias of dentistry. Quality of work and care are second to none, can't recommend them enough !

Gary T

ON 22nd November, 2018

Nervous All on 4 Dental Implant Patient. Great experience from start to finish. Dr Emma O'hara was professional, friendly and knowledgeable throughout my treatment. She put me at ease at the consultation prior to treatment, giving me the confidence to proceed with a highly serious treatment. On the day, as promised, I was sedated and remember nothing of the surgery. I highly recommend the service that Dr O'hara provides for anxious and phobic patients.

Harry Swaffield

ON 21st April, 2018

After years of not going to the dentist, I'm relieved to of found Emma. After bad experiences with dentists as a child, I rarely went to the dentist but now I go frequently as she truly is specialist when it comes to patients with anxiety surrounding dentistry. I'm also terrified of needles which is another thing that I have to say she was superb at. I could not recommend her highly enough!!

Rosemary Brock

ON 7th April, 2018

My name is Rosemary ; l am 59 years of age and l have been afraid of the Dentist all of my life : why l have never typed in dental phobia before l will never know : My fear starts my even making that first phone call to the dentist and talking to the receptionist: The receptionist made me fill more relaxed and understood how upset and nervous l was : on my first visits l walked up and down the road l had done a dummy run that morning ; on entering Fryern Dental Practice all of the staff made me fill at ease : l felt sick felt like l was burning up ; they were all so kind and understanding : Then l met Emma l went into her room where we sat and talked she did not hurry me or judge me she was so kind and understanding and treated me with dignity and respect; : l sat in the dental chair and Emma had a look : As soon as l new if l needed it on another appointment Emma was qualified in patient sedation it made me fill even more at ease : l would truly like to thank everyone at Fryern Dental practice you are a great team ; if you are reading this and fill the same as l did please make that call everyone their will treat you with the utmost care kindness and respect: 10 out of 10 to the whole team : thank you :


ON 5th April, 2018

If like me you have a phobia about visiting the dentist then Dr Emma O'Hara is the dentist for you. I have had several bad experiences in the past as far back as my childhood, I am now 54! I have now seen Emma 4 times and I really trust her. She is amazing!! kind, caring and reassuring. Emma has seen me cry and shake but she is so supportive and patient and doesn't make me feel stupid, she really understands my fear. I wish I had found Emma years ago I know I would still have all my teeth and avoided a lot of painful toothache if I had. I have lost 3 teeth over the years because I was too scared to visit a dentist until it was too late to save them. Emma has had a couple of different dental nurses but both have been lovely and friendly as are all the staff at Fryern Dental Practice. Thank you so much Emma for helping me to gradually overcome and manage my fear.

Kirby Dunwell

ON 15th December, 2016

I've been coming to see Emma since I was 10 years old, when I needed a very deep filling. The thought of having to have such a filling would be daunting for anyone, let alone a small child, but Emma was without doubt the best person I could have hoped for. As the tooth in question was in such a bad state, and at such a young age, I firmly believe that Emma and the lovely staff at the Fryern Dental Practice are what stopped me from potentially developing a fear - or even phobia - of the dentist. Ten years later, if ever I have a dental problem, I always have faith in Emma to take wonderful care of me as she has done for years. To this day, I have never once felt nervous or ill at ease in her chair any more than one would expect to, given that dental work is an unusual sensation at the best of times. If anyone, of any age, is nervous about seeing the dentist, I honestly cannot recommend Emma highly enough. Every time I go to Fryern I always leave knowing that my best interests are absolutely at heart, and feel very well taken care of. I know many people are often embarrassed by the state of their teeth, myself included, but Emma creates a safe space and has never once made me feel judged. I cannot put into words how exceptional the quality of care is at Fryern, but safe to say that even since moving away for university, making the journey 110 miles, there is still nowhere I would rather go.

Rebecca White (Becky)

ON 2nd March, 2016

Following 1 bad experience of dental treatment with an NHS dentist when I was 14 years oId I developed my fear of going to the dentist.The older I got the worse it got until I was terrified and would not visit a dentist. I was advised to visit Emma after seeking advice from a private dentist who saw how severe my fear was, and so I met Emma O'Hara. Emma has seen me through from October 2015 being a petrified 22 year old, shaking sweating and frightened who went to her saying - just put me to sleep and take them all out I can't face the treatment, to someone who now has total confidence in her dentist - namely Emma. She has worked with me giving me her time and working out alternative plans for my teeth, no way would she take out all my teeth, she could save them. I was scared. Emma did not preach at me and was not patronising in any way, she gave me her time and advice and did not judge me, I was embarrassed by the state of my teeth. Emma has seen me really scared and did not make me feel inadequate with my fear. She listened to me,was always calm and I know I was difficcult with my fear, I was tense. She suggested a couple of dental plans I could take away and go over in my own time and decide which one I felt I could achieve.It took me about three weeks for me to come to terms with my fear before I could decide a dental plan she had worked out for me, this was a huge step for me but it was a plan in which said she could save my teeth, yes I would have a few out but she could sedate me and I would remember nothing. I decided suddenly I must do it, this was my chance to have nice teeth. I chose my plan and went back and saw Emma, she was pleased with my choice, as she wanted to save my teeth for me. I made my appointments and started the treatment. I have now just completed the treatment plan,I had a number of appointments - my teeth are amazing. Yes I have had some teeth out, and some reconstruction done on others and with Emma's help I have done it....I am proud of getting to where I am now and can honestly say the thought of going to the dentist no longer fills me with dread or makes me tremble, shake or sweat. I know if I had a tooth problem I can phone Emma and yes it would be ok now, she knows my pain threshold and I have 100 per cent trust in what she says and if she says I can be sedated for the treatment and will feel and remember nothing, she is telling me the truth.If like me you are terrified and cannot make the first move to make an appointment then I say do it, take that first step and see her, you will not regret it, I haven't regretted it and am no longer terrified. she is caring, patient, I don't know how she does it but she takes the fear away and you just trust her. Emmas' dental nurse is lovely and puts you at ease also, in fact the whole team at Friern Dental practice are so friendly. Please don't live in fear of the dentist anymore, visit Emma, if I can do it then you can, take that first step. I am proud of myself and you could be to, and I remember nothing of my treatment as I was sedated. I can smile now and feel more confident and I am so proud of myself for getting through the past 5 months with Emma and Louis's help, thank you so much. :-) Becky x

Joanna White

ON 12th October, 2015

Emma and her dental nurse Louise are amazing! I have a phobia of the dentist and have put off going for quite a few years but one Friday evening my tooth broke in half and I knew I had to face my fear. I called the practice on Monday morning and immediately cried when I spoke to the receptionist. She was lovely and assured me I would be in very good hands with Emma and Louise. I arranged an appointment and when the day arrived I was a nervous wreck and as soon as I arrived and stood at the reception desk I burst into tears. The receptionists were very caring and allowed me to sit with them until I was greeted by the lovely Louise and in turn Emma. They were both fantastic and albeit I was extremely scared and nervous they made me feel very safe and in good hands. I returned to have my tooth repaired and they both made me feel at ease although I think I left nail marks in poor Louise's hand! I will be returning in 6 months for a check up with Emma and I can't thank her enough for helping me face my fear head on.....she really is amazing. Thank you Emma and Louise

Ian L

ON 1st April, 2015

Believe me, if you have fear of visiting the dentist and like me have avoided dentistry for many years after a succession of bad experiences going back to my childhood, make for the Fryern Dental Practice in Chandlers Ford and make an appointment with the wonderful Emma O'Hara. Since my first appointment just to have a chat to the subsequent thorough examination followed by another 3hr session in the dentists chair (unthinkable before visiting Emma) Emma's skill, patience, caring attitude and empathy for my dental phobia enabled me, for the first time to visit a dentist without fear. One other essential part of all this was the sedation during my treatment. During the long treatment session I felt nothing and afterwards I could remember very little of what happened yet I ended up with first class dental work at a very fair price. Emma and Louise (her dental nurse) are an amazing team and I would recommend them to anyone who cannot bring themselves to visit a dentist.

Steve S

ON 31st March, 2015

Thanks Emma & Louise. I have been going to Emma for 6 years now and I live 100 miles away, so she must be good. Restored my confidence and saved most my teeth. Outstanding!

HHandel Price

ON 22nd February, 2015

I had skipped my NHS for a couple of years and my teeth suffered as a consequence. Thanks to Emma and Louise and a little sedation they rescued my teeth and got me onto proper dental care. Emma communicates very well and can read your discomfort, and builds your trust in her. She treats you, not just your teeth. I would recommend to all that you bite (joke) the bullet sooner rather than later!

Sean Magee

ON 3rd December, 2014

I can't thank Emma and Louise enough for getting me back in the dentist chair after a 22 year abscence. I had absolutely no confidence in any dentist and a strong phobia of the drill so it was not going to be easy but they managed to convince me that having conscious sedation would be the best way forward for me. I have now had 4 long sessions using sedation and i must say that its the best thing without doubt if you are extremely nervous like me . The best part for me was the fact that you dont feel , hear , or remember anything at all about the work being done , when you come around its all done! Emma made me feel confident in every step of my treatment and my end result was that have my smile back again. I am so glad i found a dentist like Emma and her nurse Louise and knowing that going to the dentist in future does not have to be an unpleasant experience.

Sharon Warren

ON 31st August, 2014

I had not been to a dentist for over 20 years as petrified. Emma & Louise were wonderful! Yes I cried, and shook, and couldn't breathe properly, but Emma was patient, took everything at my pace, and explained what she needed to do every step of the way. I cannot say I will not cry every time I see Emma, but I can say I will now go regularly - with my husbands support - Emma has my trust. Even saying I trust a dentist is so alien to me, but Emma is wonderful, wish I had met her years ago.

Greg Roulston

ON 12th August, 2014

I agreed with all the other complimentary reviews regarding Emma, her assistant 'Louise', the receptionists and the general welcoming ambience of Fryern Dental Practice. To feel fully at ease whilst sat in your dentist's chair, it is essential that you have total trust in them and Emma has mine. When she treats me I know she will do what is best for my teeth, consult me before doing so, keep me informed of what she is doing at the time and regularly check how I am feeling comfort wise. Since being a patient of Emma's, I no longer associate the experience of pain with going to my dentist :-)

Brian Wright

ON 29th March, 2014

For many years visiting the dentist has been a very anxious and traumatic time for me. After 3 years with Emma I now feel very relaxed in the chair and have total trust in her. You are greeted with a lovely smile from Louise her nurse and this immediately sets you at ease. Emma always makes sure you feel you are in control and demonstrates a great deal of kindness and understanding. An excellent team.

Mrs Sandra Gumbrell

ON 19th March, 2013

I had a tooth out under sedation today I was so nervous about the whole procedure, but I really had nothing to worry about, Emma and her nurse made me feel so relaxed and at ease and before I knew it I was in a deep sleep, I woke up and didn't know anything that had happened, I felt a little groggy and unsteady afterwards but I now know that I will never be so anxious again, she is a wonderful and kind Dentist

Susan Breslin

ON 10th March, 2013

Emma has been my dentist for nearly 13 years. Since a small child I have been terrified of the dentist( I am now in my 50's) but Emma has slowly helped me to relax and completely reverse my attitude to 2 yearly visits! Emma and her staff are kind , understanding, guiding one slowly ,each step of the way! I travel an 80 mile round trip to see Emma and it is totally worth it. I never want to be scared of the dentist again and I know with Emma, I won't be !!! She is a brilliant dentist.

Sandra Gumbrell

ON 26th February, 2013

Emma is a wonderful kind dentist, she really undersatands nervous patients she is so kind and makes you feel so relaxed, I would also like to mention that her nurse is brilliant too and the staff at reception are very friendly and make time for you.

Sandra Gumbrell

ON 20th February, 2013

If you are an nervous anxious patient then Emma is the lady you need to see, she is calm, caring and gentle, she listens to your worries about dentistry and makes you feel completely at ease and relaxed, she is brilliant I must also mention her nurse who is also lovely kind and caring, together they work well, so if your frightened of the dentist try Emma you will be amazed how good she is.


ON 29th January, 2013

I didn't think there was such a thing as pain free dentistry until I was treated by Emma. Although I was very apprehensive she made me feel at ease (for the first time in 60 years) explaining everything she was going to do. I had a tooth removed and a bridge fitted and felt no pain. If you are nervous of the dentist and need pain free treatment book an appointment with Emma she is utterly brilliant!!

Miss Pauline Doran

ON 6th September, 2012

Nobody could be more afraid of the dentist than me. I,d had a bad experience with a dentist and lost confidence. Then I met Dr Emma O,hara. She put me at ease and did my treatment I felt no pain at all. Now I have my confidence back. I went back to her today and it all went well again. Thank you very much.

Wendy Brownlee

ON 14th August, 2012

I have just had my third visit to Emma after having only 2 previous visits to the dentist since I was in my teens (I am now in my 50's) In those few visits she has helped me learn to trust a dentist again. I have had treatment and I WILL be going back! Although I felt like a frightened child they all (from the receptionists to the nurse and Emma) made me feel like an adult with an understandable problem, thank you.

Diane Keel

ON 10th June, 2012

Highly competent, confident and caring dentist - the first one to make me feel safe, in control and looked after as an individual. I have a strong gag reflex, don't like the drill or having my mouth open. Emma used all her skill to help support me and is supported by an excellent nurse and reception staff. The surgery did not 'smell' too much like a dentist which also helps. i am going back

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