Dr Jatin Patel
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  • Dr Jatin Patel
  • BDS Lond 1999
  • GDC: 76553
  • Sedation
  • Certified for +5 years
  • Certified until 22nd October 2020
Dental Phobia


96 Straight Road Old Windsor Berkshire,

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Emma staight on 11th March 2020

Jatin has been amazing with me over the pass 6 years. I hated the dentist as a child and throughout my 20's, now I have someone I believe in and trust who care about me, my health and wellbeing who can calm me down and reassure me.

Alyson Haymonds on 9th March 2020

I have been very satisfied with my treatment. I was quite apprehensive when l started as l had avoided dentists for years but l was soon reassured by his calm and helpful manner. R

Clare Anand on 9th March 2020

I used to hate the dentist and hadn't been for over 10 years when my parents suggested I try Egham Dental Care. I walked in to register and booked a first appointment, as the date of ,y appointment got closer I started to get scared about going and thought about cancelling. When I walked in for my appointment I was made to feel welcome and after talking to Dr Jatin Patel he made me feel re assured. I have been with him for a few years now and have made every routine appointment without dreading it.

Natalie on 11th February 2020

I had a bad experience years ago at a dentist and have not been back since. I got the worst toothache about a week ago so had to find a dentist as the pain was excruciating. I found Egham Dental Care online and read some of the reviews and also saw the Dental Phobia certificate so decided to call. I was in a bit of a state when I called but Dr Patel's wife was so kind and reassuring it really helped put me at ease. I had an emergency appointment and then treatment the following Monday. Again I was a bit of wreck but Dr Patel talked me through the procedure and kept allowing to have breaks to catch my breath. He was so kind as I was literally shaking in the chair. I have just had my second treatment today and it was a lot better and I was a lot calmer. I can see getting over my phobia after my one bad experience after seeing Dr Patel. I can highly recommend this dental surgery to anyone but especially if you have any fears of the dentist

Alison Napier on 28th January 2020

I was very scared of going to a dentist. I have a very sensitive gag reflex and couldn’t cope with fingers and instruments in my mouth particularly the suction! I had not been to a dentist for several years and had 4 broken teeth. I found Egham Dental Care following a google search for “dentist phobic” specialists and I haven’t looked back. They are all so supportive and understanding. I started having sedation to be able to cope with treatment. I have had one implant and have started the process for 2 more. I can’t speak highly enough of all of them. The standard of Jatin’s work is incredible. Recently a piece broke off of one tooth and I went straight to them to have it repaired. Previously I would have ignored it and stored up problems for the future. I can manage most treatments now without sedation. I can’ thank them enough for their support, friendliness and very high standard of work and care. I have recommended them to my friends.

Judy Hill on 22nd October 2019

I had not been to the dentist for a number of years as I was just anxious about it. Found Jatin p, came for an assessment and was very helped very well. Great service.

Kristian Guyte on 22nd October 2019

I’ve been seeing Mr Patel for some years now and the service has always been excellent. Mr Patel and his staff are always so warm and welcoming. Previously I was nervous of going to the dentist but not anymore. Highly recommended!

Behzad on 27th March 2019

Jatin is very professional and patient with me. Highly recommended.

Shirley Price on 23rd October 2018

Came very nervous but was put at ease straight away will come regularly

A Murray on 21st June 2018

Fantastic Dentist, I am extremely nervous about going to the Dentist but Dr Patel and his friendly staff have changed that, thank you. Had to have emergency work on a cracked tooth and the whole process was over in a flash, sensitively done. He has a very calming approach, clearly explaining what he will do and what is happening during the treatment. I can't recommend him highly enough. So impressed I will even go back for check ups! Thanks so much.

Rachel Willie on 29th September 2017

I am extremely nervous of dentists - however Jatin is very professional and patient with me. Highly recommended.

Michael Potter on 27th September 2017

Been seeing Jatin as my dentist for well over a decade. He’s very professional, incredibly knowledgable and makes you feel at ease. Still got a perfect set of teeth thanks to him. Can’t recommend him enough.

Austin Hodson on 23rd January 2016

Faultless service, excellent value for money and a credit to the industry to which has a reputation for trepidation. Dr Patel and all staff members will keep me coming back.

Katie Barnard on 23rd December 2014

I was told that I needed to have a wisdom tooth removed by my normal dentist, due to a filling not being successful. I am a very nervous dental patient and so wanted to be referred to a sedation clinic. The nhs where taking a long time and I was in such pain so I started looking around. I found Dr Patel clinic in egham and was welcomed by Prit who calmed me down imediately. She suggested I come in to meet Dr Patel and to see the clinic. After a good chat with them both we booked in the extraction two days later. I had diazepam to relax me and so by the time I got to Dr Patel I was in a much better state of mind. The procedure was over very quickly and throughout Dr Patel was kind and explained everything to me. Providing some very needed TLC made everything much easier than I thought it would be. Dr Patel and Priti were amazing from start to finish. My toothache has disappeared and I have found a dentist who I have 100%confidence in.

K Nguyen on 22nd October 2014

As a regular customer, who travels 75 miles to Egham for regular check-ups and dental services, I always have my complete faith in Dr Jatin. I used to have extreme fear in dentist. In fact, I had avoided all dental care for 11 continuous year, due to my personal dental phobia. It was until 2009 when I had no choice but to visit a dentist as my teeth condition cannot be worse. Dr Jatin and his crew have eased my nerve since since my first visit. In fact, it was his calm and willingness to explain in detail what would happen for each session, and his excellent "mental skill" that helped me feel better and better mentally after each treatment session. My dental fear still exists till today. However, it seems to go away when I speak to Dr Jatin, and that's what makes me visit him regularly.

Lisa on 24th October 2013

An excellent dental practice with a friendly team. As someone who has constantly had dental issues from my teens, going to the dentist has therefore never been a highlight. However Egham Dental Care is very different - they are excellent in their work and customer care. They make a nervy block very comfortable.