Dr Neeraj Puri
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  • Dr Neeraj Puri
  • BDS Glasg 1996
  • GDC: 71646
  • Sedation
  • Certified for +5 years
  • Certified until 1st February 2019
Dental Phobia


1 Manor Place,

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Margaret Heyd-Smith on 27th October 2016

Having had a fear of dentists all of my life, I can only say that Neeraj put me quite at ease with his quiet confident manner. I must say the process was somewhat difficult however I was assured every step of the journey that all would be well. Neeraj and staff were very comforting and overcame some tricky moments. I now have my implants and have not looked back. So thank you Neeraj and your colleagues for making Me so happy. Sincerely Margaret Heyd-Smith

June McCole on 26th August 2016

I was not nervous or uncomfortable at any time from the first appointment to the final result. I started procedure in January 2016 for a implant and am absolutely delighted with the result. But just as important was the care and assistance I received not only from Neeraj but from all the nursing staff and receptionists. I have told all my friends about the happy outcome and will continue to recommend Integrated Dental Care to anyone willing to listen! Thank you very much. June

Aaron on 10th June 2013

There isn't words to describe how happy I am with the quality of dental care I got. I have a huge phobia of needles and Neeraj was brilliant, and he helped me through every stage of the procedures. I would highly recommend Neeraj to anyone and everyone.

Lesley Ann Manson on 16th May 2013

Going to the dentist is my least favourite aspect of resources which support my health and well being. It stems back to childhood and many unpleasant memories remain. A friend recommended Integrated Dental Care and Dr Neeraj Puri. I find Neeraj to be genuine and congruent in his approach to his work and whilst going to the dentist is still not a walk in the park, I am confident I am listened to and treated with care and consideration. Thank you Neeraj, I know I am in the hands of an excellent dentist.

Julia Laverty on 19th April 2013

I can't praise Neeraj highly enough. I had built up a huge dental phobia and was a nervous wreck before my first appointment but I have to say that Neeraj put me at ease immediately. I couldn't be happier with my new smile. It has genuinely made me more confident and friends say I smile a lot more so a fantastic result!

Nicky Stott on 6th March 2013

My dental phobia story is one that I'm sure alot of you can probably relate too, frightening dental experiences coupled with childhood memories that have stuck with me for life!! After not seeing a dentist for 4/5 years and my husband nagging me to go I was told by a friend that there were dentists out their that can help with my phobia. After researching dentists in Edinburgh EXTENSIVELY I found great reviews for Integrated Dental and haven't looked back. From my very first visit Neeraj and his team have been amazing. They know my anxiety can get the better of me sometimes, but they are incredibly patient with me. I really couldn't recommend them highly enough. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have been able to smile with confidence on my wedding day. Thank you x

David Milne on 13th April 2011

I have just had the best dental experience of my life. After 45 years of being told that I was wrong and suffering pain during treatment, I have had an epiphany. I have found a dentist who listens to me with sympathy and professionalism. You appear to have cured my phobia. I cannot thank you enough.