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Dr Ketan Shah

MFGDP(UK) 2003 BDS Lond 2000 | GDC: 78336
11 YRS Certified for +11 Years Offers sedation Certified until 27th September, 2024
37 Reviews

About Dr Ketan Shah

Dr Ketan Shah graduated from Guy’s Dental Hospital in 2000 before taking up a role as an associate dentist at Brightside Dental in 2004. After six years working at the practice, he took over ownership with ambitions of modernising and raising the standard of patient care. 

Among Dr Shah’s professional interests, he enjoys teeth straightening and assisting nervous patients. As a Dental Phobia Certified dentist, he believes in transforming smiles and boosting confidence through gentle, pain-free dental care. 

Patients with anxiety around dental treatments can receive IV sedation. This helps you relax completely during any procedure and can help improve your confidence for future dental appointments. Along with sedation, Dr Shah also uses The Wand, a device that provides pain-free injections. 

To ensure his skills and knowledge remain up-to-date, and the most positive patient experience is maintained, Dr Shah regularly attends further training courses. 

When he’s not practising dentistry, Dr Shah enjoys spending time with his family, attending concerts, and playing football. 

Brightside Dental

Situated in Bounds Green, North London, Brightside Dental is an established dental practice that aims to provide a calm and gentle environment so you can enjoy a positive experience when visiting for your checkup or treatment. 

The clinic offers a range of services, including root canal treatments, extractions, fillings, dental hygiene, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, implants, crowns, bridges, and teeth straightening using Invisalign and Six Month Smiles. 

In 2019, Brightside Dental was a finalist for the award for Best Care of Nervous Patients at the Oral Health Awards. The friendly team at the clinic will always listen to your concerns without judgement and will not recommend any treatment unless it is beneficial to you.


4 Maidstone Road, Bounds Green, London, N11 2TP 020 8888 4401 Visit website




ON 17th November, 2022

Having suffered with sever dental phobia for over 17 years, I invested a lot of time in finding a dentist who could help me overcome my fears and I found exactly that at with Dr. Ketan and the rest of the team. I needed to have a lot of work to get my mouth healthy again but after one consultation with Dr. Ketan I felt at ease and well informed about all my procedures. I had sedation for the majority of the work and this made me feel more comfortable with having the treatments, making the time leading up to the appointment less stressful. It’s incredibly daunting trying to tackle dental phobia but Brightside Dental is the best place to do so!


ON 6th December, 2021

I can fully recommend Ketan and his team. I have been a patient of his for several years and he has been unfailingly kind and sympathetic about my fear of dental treatment. He manner is very reassuring and his careful treatment has never caused me any discomfort. I have had sedation several times by my request but Ketan does encourage me to have some treatment without it. He builds up my confidence. I trust him and his team implicitly.


ON 9th October, 2018

I am a very nervous person when attending the dentist for years i didn’t go because of a very bad experience. I was recommended to Brightside dentist by a friend,as soon as I entered the practice I was made to feel very welcome by the staff..Ketin is very friendly and extremely patient with me he makes you feel very at ease and explains everything that he is going to do.I now attend all my check up appointments and the hygienist excellent dental surgery would and have recommended others.

Bekir Mustafa Bekir

ON 21st September, 2018

Thank you for seeing me as an energency appt with and taking me through the procedure with such clarity ...often this can be quite daunting when you arrive at dentist surgery to go away with a leaflet explaining what is going to take place.. Nothing can beat having that direct consultation from.the dentist themselves .. And this what put me at ease straight away ....Thank ypu again I would highly reccomend people to use your practice


ON 20th June, 2018

I have had bad experiences with my previous dentists, but going to the dentist has been made a lot easier by going to Brightside. They put you at ease all of the time and explain exactly what they are going to do. I am a nervous patient and can honestly say that the dentistry for me has been pain free and therefore eases my anxiety. I would recommend them for sure.


ON 24th April, 2018

This is a long review, but like fellow reviewers or pioneers who shared their story before me, I hope to help someone from the misery of dental pain and to take charge of their dental health as we all should have the confidence to. I was 16 when I was told by a rather rude dentist that I needed a filling. When I asked a few questions I was given short shrift and left to feel that I couldn’t trust this man. Cue a 12 year hiatus on visiting a dentist until I was 28 - at which point after reading lots of forums and websites I landed upon Ketan’s website with these testimonials from lots of patients who told the virtues of this non judgemental, pain free dental practice with tools such as the magical wand, could injections really be painless and complex previously unfathomable procedures really be done in such a sensitive and considered way? After a year I managed to pluck up the courage to call and from the moment Faith warmly answered the phone, I felt like this could be the place to get me though. I arranged to visit Ketan and I can honestly say that he listened, wanted to understand what my anxieties were and agreed to do everything at my pace and to my agenda. Miraculously we identified only a few fillings were needed and potentially a root canal. Everything was explained and Ketan wrote to me a few days later at home with a full treatment plan, clear prices and I called to get things started and agreed to start with a simple filling. I was petrified before going for the procedure. My head filled with every horror story I’d been told, I could visualise every recoil from friends and family at the mere mention of the dentist. I mustered the courage but would have gladly run away - I’m glad I didn’t. I arrived and was pleased that my requests of all dental equipment to be kept hidden/under paper had been met and I was able to sit down without my fears being made worse by seeing all manner of equipment that would be used. Most importantly, my request for Kiss FM to be on the radio had been received and I was comforted by the music I enjoy, rather than the typical ‘relaxing’ classical music that many dentists play and is far from relaxing! I felt in safe hands. Ketan explained the procedure and after some magic gel on my gum he started with the dental wand to numb my tooth. Whilst clutching a stress ball at the fear of impending pain, the injection started and I didn’t feel a thing - this really was magic. Once the tooth was numb it was time to start the filling, the next scary aspect. Ketan started work on the tooth and again, I didn’t feel a thing. Internally I started to realise that my fears were unfounded and I started to feel free of the worries I have had for years - I threw the stressball away much to the amusement of Ketan and Faith who soon realised I was doing okay with things and the procedure was soon done and was a total non event. Because the wand had been used for the anaesthetic, I was also able to get on with my day without waiting for the numbness to wear off! Since then, I’ve had a number of fillings, hygienist appointments (all of the team are lovely) and more recently after some unfortunate infection with one of the teeth that had a large filling, I had to have a root canal procedure and a crown. This is probably one of the scariest procedures everybody you talk to will balk at and I can honestly say bar some discomfort from the infection I had, the treatment and care I have had was a pure 10/10. For the first time in years I have left the dentist with follow up appointments for a check up and my hygiene appointment already in the diary, I’ve pushed my fears out and am firmly in control of my health for the first time in a long long time. I can hand on heart say I would not have taken charge of sorting my dental health out, had it not been for Ketan, Faith, Elena, Negar, Raminta, Liudmila, Adam and Evita over the last three years. If you want a dentist that is reasonably priced, caring and pain free then give Brightside a call. They certainly live up to their promise of calm and gentle dentistry.


ON 30th December, 2017

I have visited Brightside Dental since 1986 and it has continually surpassed my expectations in the level of service and professionalism shown and aftercare afforded to me. From the first call, to book an appointment to rearranging of appointments to short notice appointments, the reception staff at Brightside are always very amiable and curteous and helpful. Brightside Dental uses state of the art Dental facilities to give an excellent service to its patients. It was a pioneer in the uses of the ‘ wand ‘ to give anaesthetic to its patients prior to surgery which really helps patients who are apprehensive about having a dental needle inserted into their mouth. The surgery is aptly located close to Bounds Green tube station and is open at patient friendly times.

Rita Pellicci

ON 26th September, 2017

Rita Pellicci today 26th Sep 2017 A patient for nearly two years. I was a nervous patient having had a few bad experiences in the past, total fear alongside sweeting & passing out. So I'm happy to highly recommend Dr shah. I found Ketan very polite easy to talk about any sense of worry & nerves. I have a fear of pain with needles drills and general noise in the dentist chair. Ketan helps too understand and choose the best plan and put me at ease I choose Iv sedation and no pain at all.

Maria Murphy

ON 18th July, 2017

Excellent dentist surgery!, Very helpful and very patient. I'm not the best patient in the world, but all the staff put you at your ease. All my visits have been a very pain free experience despite my fear of injections and drilling!,, would highly recommend.

Andrew Vincent

ON 3rd May, 2017

Dr Ketan was great and my experience was excellent. I am petrified of visiting the dentist, as you can tell by looking in my mouth and seeing that I've had two teeth pulled in the past. I was very relieved to find out last week that, despite a shocking toothache being the only reason I went in at a time I thought was the point of no return for my poor tooth- my latest self-inflicted tooth carnage could be saved with a root canal. But then even the mention of 'root canal' almost made me faint! ...all the horror stories you hear... I also needed three fillings and Dr Ketan recommended I get my teeth properly cleaned. I agreed but just cannot stand anything beyond a tooth brush, controlled by my hand, in my mouth. I asked about sedation and we agreed that because of my nervousness this could be an appropriate approach- and I could get all the work done in one sitting! Bonus! That was yesterday. Today, I am 100% pain free, my teeth look better than they have in over 20 years, and I am eager to make another appointment to get a crown sorted for my saved tooth. (I kind of feel like I should get a crown for being brave but I'll let it go...) Joking aside, I was super nervous... I barely remember anything about the procedures I had done yesterday, but from what I do remember- nothing hurt me, and Dr Ketan really was exactly what a big coward like me needed. Don't suffer in silence or in loudness as can often be the pain with some of the toothaches I've had... virtually pain-free dentistry is a reality:)


ON 30th April, 2017

I highly recommend Dr Ketan Shah I haven't been to the dentist for around 8-10 years and developed a bad gag reflex during that time. It became impossible for me to get any treatment done. I found bright side dental after searching online reviews and I definitely made the right choice. Patient, understanding and great.

Monique Daubert

ON 29th April, 2017

In the past I've had some really bad experiences going to the dentist and this time I had a panic attack, the oral surgeon Shahrokh not only helped me calm down but treated me with kindness and respect. He made it clear that i could stop any time i wanted to and made everything as painless as possible. Everyone who worked there was incredibly nice and I would recommend this practice to all.

shalim salam

ON 26th April, 2017

Ketan put me at ease having experienced bad dentistry elsewhere. I choose Iv sedation and no pain at all. Highly recommended.


ON 21st April, 2017

I have had an intense fear of the dentist since childhood and the days of extensive amalgam fillings using the dreaded black gas mask! As a result, I only go to the dentist in emergencies and have neglected my teeth in between. I chose Dr Shah as his website mentions that he specialises in treating nervous patients. I have had several appointments with Dr Shah, and on each occasion he has discussed treatment options with me, in a kind patient way, and explained every stage of the process during treatment so I know what's happening next. All of my treatment has been pain-free, as well as very high quality work, with no complications. The practice has a relaxed atmosphere and not a cold clinical feel. I have kept all of my appointments with Dr Shah, which is amazing as I have always cancelled at the last minute at other practices because of anxiety. I have had a local anaesthetic on several occasions administered via The Wand, which is much more comfortable than having a normal injection and I was able to go to work straight afterwards without my mouth feeling numb. On one visit when I was anxious, Dr Shah provided me with headphones to listen to music. Dr Shah also attends training regularly so he can provide the most up to date treatment. I no longer fear going to the dentist and will always go back to this practice so I definitely recommend Dr Shah for good quality, pain-free, gentle, kind dentistry. Thank you!

Alan Wood

ON 12th April, 2017

I have recently changed to this dental practice and cannot speak highly enough about the painless, professional and genuinely positive experience it was. Never again will I worry about visiting the dentist. Excellent in every respect.

geoff hood

ON 26th November, 2016

As a child i had extensive bridgework due to four of my adult teeth not forming and it make me dental phobic for 20 years By middle age my mouth was in a terrible state, i had at one time resorted to removing teeth my self. The Dentist that saved the rest of my teeth was Ketan. A calm and slow talk through, no pressure, no pain, no stress, , excellent Dentst


ON 18th July, 2016

I found Dr Shah through a google search. I have a great fear of the dentist and kept avoiding going for 10 years. However at this dentistry all staff are very patient, reassuring, go at your pace and using the sedation really helped. I have suffered from terrible headaches for 20 years and a simple device Dr Shah told me about has stopped these headaches. I also had my teeth cleaned and cannot recommend this enough. flossing is much easier as the floss just glides between teeth as all the plaque has been removed. Most of all I feel I can trust Dr Shah and once the trust is there a lot of the fear is removed.

Ora Namali

ON 12th May, 2016

I found Dr. Ketan Shah on this Website and can honestly say I am so grateful to him and his team for being so wonderful. They are so reassuring I no longer feel the dread I used to feel prior to an appointment. They listen, they have time and patients and they do whatever they can to ensure I am comfortable. Highly recommend to anyone who is afraid of seeing the dentist and also to those who aren't of course.

Lorraine Mac Mahon

ON 5th March, 2016

I was extremely nervous about having dental and avoided it for 10 years. I had fillings and replacement fillings to be done and used sedation which was very helpful for my nerves. On the last day of treatment I was able to have the drill used without sedation or injection and was fine. I would like to thank the whole team for helping with my dentist fears. I would totally recommend.


ON 16th January, 2016

Amazing clinic with an amazing group of staff. The atmosphere there is friendly, happy and reassuring. The treatment I received by Dr. Ketan Shah and his staff was fantastic. I was very nervouse but constantly reassured by them. The treatment was not painful at all. They cater specially for patients who might be frightened and they do a fantastic job. If anyone has any doubts about visiting a dentist, this is the place to go.

Margaret Sharrock

ON 21st October, 2015

This really is a very calm environment which puts nervous patients like me at their ease immediately. As an asthma sufferer my main anxiety is that I somehow won't be able to breathe; Ketan is always very reassuring about this, doesn't make one feel foolish about such an anxiety. I recently had a filling without an injection and it really didn't hurt!


ON 19th October, 2015

I'm not usually one to write reviews, but I simply had to. I am an extreme needle phobic, and I normally avoid dentists, because they usually trivalise my anxiety; are patronising, or go about performing the treatment without letting me know what is happening, thereby making a bad situation worse. I can honestly say my experience with Dr Ketan was the best dental experience I have ever had! I choose the practice because they use the wand, which is a painless injection. However I was still very worried because I didn't really believe it would work. I had been told procedures were "painless" before and quickly realised how untrue that could be. However I was quickly put at ease by all the staff, and Dr Ketan understood my anxiety and was extremely empathetic, calm and kind. He explained the treatment,let me know what would happen next, and checked in to see if I was ok. These are small things probably to him, but massive for me, as just knowing what is going to happen next really helps you manage your anxiety. I cannot recommend the Wand enough, it is amazing! I felt nothing! I can even say I began to relax, during my treatment which is unheard of, as usually I'm in fits of tears having palpitations. This is the first time I can put positive experience and dentist in the same sentence! Great place-Highly recommend it.

Anita Mascarenhas

ON 18th September, 2015

My tooth was really painful and I knew it needed to be extracted. I was scared, as I have always been, of going to the dentist. However, the whole process of extracting my tooth from the two injections to the 'pulling', was pain free. Dr Shah was gentle and empathetic but confident in what he was doing. I never, ever thought I would say this but, I could easily go through the whole procedure again! Thank you Ketan.

Miriam Ní Udaigh

ON 4th August, 2015

The day for the extraction of my front tooth came and I was very anxious and nervous. My fear was that Ketan would have to put his knee on my chest to apply force to get the tooth out in one piece! I arrived and got the anesthetic and the procedure was explained to me. The extraction was quick and painless and done with great professional care. I was even called the day after to see if I was okay! Where would you get aftercare like that I ask you? It makes return visits less of an ordeal. My thanks to Ketan and the staff who are always cheerful and supportive. Miriam

Miriam Ní Udaigh

ON 4th August, 2015

I have been a patient of Ketan Shah for many years now although I left last year to find a more local dentist. Finding a local dentist is one thing but when I considered the treatment I received from Ketan I quickly returned. Ketan is a true professional and will always explain the options and make sure you have a full understanding of the treatment. He is empathetic and really treats you as a person that he genuinely cares about and not just another patient. I feel safe and confident that I will get the very best treatment from him. I am sure it has been said before but ' Ketan you are one in a trillion' Thanks Miriam

sue f

ON 4th August, 2015

A great practice! I have been with Ketan for a few years and had to undergo lots of treatment initially. Despite my fears this turned out to be a painless experience with Ketan explaining every part of the process. I now visit regularly - Ketan and his staff are supportive, helpful, understanding and great communicators. I highly recommend this practice.

Wendy Black

ON 3rd August, 2015

I found this amazing dental practice to help me overcome my fear - from my first appointment,when I cried to 2 months later when I feel so differently about my teeth and coming without worrying. The whole team are just so kind ,understanding and positive about what they can do for you - no judging just help .I still have a way to go but am actually looking forward to it.

Emmet Courtney

ON 30th July, 2015

A very modern up to date dentist practice with very young enthusiastic dentists who are ready to make the visit to the dentist that much easier. As a patient who always avoided the dentist is nice to know you will be looked after and made to feel welcome when returning for treatment .

Richard Golstein

ON 29th July, 2015

I am always extremely happy with the quality of service that I receive with Ketan. He always tries to explain everything I wish to know in as much detail as I want and I genuinely believe in his honest and integrity with the advice he gives in terms of a treatments necessity. My biggest fear of having any treatment done was the dreaded injection, however Ketan has now put my mind at ease by using a device known as the 'wand' which is a painless alternative to applying the anaesthetic which not only makes this process easier it doesn't numb your entire face which means it's easier to get on with your day post treatment. My most recent treatment was a root canal treatment which became necessary as the nerve became infected. Several alternatives were tried after consultation prior to the root canal in order to leave this as a last resort which worked as a temporary measure but as Ketan had forewarned, the infection returned and had moved down into the bone causing the start of an abscess and making the tooth extremely loose. The root canal was then scheduled with priority and to my amazement didn't hurt in the least bit!! Now my tooth looks amazing, all signs of the infection have gone and I can eat on that side again which due to the nature of the large filling I had in place, I haven't been able to do for years. I am highly impressed by the work that always takes place with Ketan and at his practice and I would highly recommend him to anyone!

karen walters

ON 12th May, 2014

I am always very please with brightside dentist,staff always make you feel at ease as i am always very nervous at going to the dentist.ketan is a great dentist and he always makes sure im calm and comftable before he begins any work. anyone who is frightened/nervous about going to the dentist you need to book an appointment at brightside dentist now

Miriam Ní Udaigh

ON 20th March, 2014

My last visit to Ketan was for two fillings. I usually had the injection but this time I tried the 'Wand'. Before going in I was very apprehensive and was not sure if it could be as effective as the injection. Ketan being the professional he is explained how it worked and the benefits of it. Needless to say I left writing this review until I had tried it twice now and can say without doubt that it is a much better experience than the injection method. The only area the 'Wand' numbed was the area which was being worked on and not my whole mouth. I know it is another expense but I would definitely use the 'Wand' method for any further treatment I might have. Ketan Shah and his team at Brightside as always friendly, professional and the work done is always of the highest standards.

Paul Gasson

ON 22nd January, 2014

A history of putting off dental treatment (due in part to less than ideal dental experiences) meant I had quite a substantial backlog of work to be done including extractions. However meeting Ketan changed all that, and my visits no matter what treatment I am undergoing has transition (from my former anxiety and fear) to one of curiosity and even enjoyment. Ketan's relaxed, confident and very professional approach means I know I am in safe hands, and I can wholeheartedly recommend his services, as well as those of the wonderful team at Brightside Dental.

Eileen Chamberlain

ON 17th December, 2013

I'm a very nervous patient, however my experience recently has been the best I could expect. Ketan is very understanding and supportive as well as being an excellent dentist!

Daniel Ryan

ON 3rd December, 2013

Have been terrified of the dentists for years due to some bad experiences in my youth. Had Brightside recommended to me by a family member and I couldn't be happier. Have seen a total transformation in how I feel about my teeth. Everyone in the practice is brilliant, puts you at ease and tells you exactly what is happening and why. I was sceptical about the 'pain free' promise but it is absolutely true. I had several fillings and other work done and I didn't feel a thing. I'd recommend Brightside and Dr Shah to anyone, especially if you are scared of going to the dentists. After 5 minutes you'll wonder what you were ever scared of.

sue furby

ON 10th October, 2013

Ketan is an excellent dentist for phobics like me! He is very sympathetic towards any worries and fears you may have and every option and every stage of treatment is explained carefully. Also it was pain free!!!

Darina Marinova

ON 3rd October, 2013

Very happy with my dentist - Dr. Ketan. I have full confidence in him and he always has time to explain everything. Also his work is perfect!


ON 23rd July, 2013

I've always been afraid about visiting the dentist but was recommended by a friend to Brightside Dental when I was in pain. The treatment was painless and although I wouldn't say I enjoyed it, I'm confident in the ability of Ketan and his team and the way they made me feel at ease. I'll definitely be back for my check up.

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