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Dr Shaila Patel-Buxton

BDS Lond 1995 | GDC: 71061
4 YRS Certified for +4 Years Offers sedation Certified until 11th October, 2024
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BUPA Bank Dental Centre,77 Cornhill,London, EC3V 3QQ 0808 271 4799 Visit website


Lucinda C

ON 5th February, 2021

With a number of advanced techniques and a high level of hygiene safety you can feel assured you are in good hands with Shaila Patel-Buxton and her highly skilled assistant Violeta at The Natural Dentist & Bupa Dental Bank Your emotional and mental well-being as well as physical health of your teeth is exceptionally well looked after and a top priority. As a nervous patient; time is taken to be sure I am comfortable, able to be part of the process and informed at every moment. I can take things slow or stop and have a breather anytime needed. My fears have been significantly reduced. I particularly like the use of the wand; a gentle, painless way to administer anaesthetic and numbing affect pre injections. For those that don’t like the drilling noise; gentle music is available or you can watch something of choice as a distraction. The dental work, care and technologies used with Shaila are an exceptional standard. There is nothing more delightful than to have your dental health, your beautiful smile and confidence restored. I am filled with tears of joy. Highly recommended Dentist.

Rob Coates

ON 7th March, 2020

anyone who is anxious about the dentist should visit Shaila and her great assistant Violeta. They calmly talked me through the procedure, they eased my terror and were to be honest so caring. I had a root canal yesterday and it was easy, they relaxed me, they made me laugh so the time flew. The only pain I felt was when the drugs wore off and that was hardly anything. I genuinely recommend seeing these ladies if you are in pain or don't like visiting dentists but selfishly don't want too many of you doing this as I don't like to share.

Isabella Milne

ON 19th February, 2020

I am a very anxious dental patient. I needed a root canal treatment, and was extremely anxious and frightened about it. I was given 10mg Valium for both sessions to help me. Shaila and her lovely nurse Violetta really took such great care of me & helped me through it. There was no rush or pressure and Shaila booked extra time to ensure we’d have enough time to take it slowly. Shaila and her nurse Violetta make the most amazing team, and I would recommend Shaila to anyone who is anxious of the dentist . You’re in very safe hands with her.

Julie Joyce

ON 16th January, 2020

Due to a childhood accident two of my front teeth were crowned, however this was traumatic and I subsequently developed a severe anxiety disorder 40 years later. Through a recommendation, Shaila Buxton Patel treated me with the understanding and patience I desperately needed and it made my ongoing treatment so much easier. Shaila recognises the importance of self confidence and took delight in my happiness of a successful outcome. To anybody who is delaying treatment because of a phobia I can’t recommend Shaila enough and that extends to her own circle of trusted colleagues.

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