Dr Iram Sheikh
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  • Dr Iram Sheikh
  • DGDP(UK) 1995 BDS Wales 1992
  • GDC: 67448
  • Sedation
  • Certified until 8th August 2020
Dental Phobia


13 London Rd,
TN10 3AB

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SC on 8th August 2019

I find it hard to share my story as my phobia of the dentist has been very extreme. I found I had the phobia when I had a tooth that broke and was bleeding most of the time. My daughter brought me to see Iram, who was her dentist. Even getting in the door was an issue, let alone in Irams consulting room and worst of all that chair. I was tearful and shaking like a leaf. Iram was very understanding of what I felt the most ridiculous fear, giving me time to get used to the room and talking about the things that caused me the most fear. My logical brain said that I had been to the dentist lots of time in the past so I should be able to go now. However, my subconscious was saying something different. Iram suggested sedation to be the best option for the extraction and for me it was most certainly the best option. I am glad she understood the phobia and was able to find the best possible course of treatment. Gradually as Iram and I got to know one another she was able to guide me through the treatment that followed. She learned my tolerance levels and recognised when I had had enough, although I was trying to be brave, Iram could tell when my limit had been reached. I have been able, with Iram's help, to have two dental implants and a crown. I feel that this is a major achievement both for me and for Iram. It has been a lot of treatment over a long period of time but I have been confident that Iram has chosen the best method of restoring my teeth and making me feel like myself again. I am now able to go to the dentist by myself, although my daughter still accompanies me from time to time and takes me when I need sedation. I now feel that with the major work completed I will be able to go for check ups with Iram confident in the knowledge that she understands and will suggest the best course of treatment specifically designed for me. I have also been to see the hygienist by myself for the first time, which is another major achievement for a person who was too afraid to go through the door a year ago. The other staff at Andrew House have also contributed to helping me get over my phobia as they are very friendly and welcoming. I am pleased to have been able to write a testimonial for Iram, as If I hadn't found her I don't know what I would have done. I doubt very much that I would have found a way to get my teeth restored. I would like to give other people with this extreme phobia the hope that they too can overcome the fear and get the dentistry they need, freeing them of pain and giving them the confidence to smile again.

Ben bromley on 10th September 2018

My 11 year old daughter is anxious when seeing the dentist for any treatment, she needed a tooth out and started to get very upset . I took her into Iram and she was wonderful at calming her down and taking her mind off the procedure . My daughter didn't see the needle coming as Iram had it hidden behind her hand and distracted her , she didn't feel the needle and Iram completed the procedure with such experience Lola didn't even feel it. After the treatment Lola was really surprised that she hadn't felt anything and is now far more confident when she has to go and see Iram