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Dumfries is a market town within the area of Dumfries and Galloway in the North of Scotland. The town was once thought to have been an area of importance to the Romans during their invasion, with the name Dumfries believed to mean castle or fort and the town thought to have been a place of defence. The inhabitants of Dumfries also carry the war like name of the Doonhamers.

For the Doonhamers of Dumfries, Roman invasion is nothing to fear today, but the threat of an upcoming dental visit may cause nights of sleepless dread.

For those who suffer from dental anxiety check-ups can be very difficult, with many sufferers avoiding them entirely. However, not maintaining continual appointments with a dentist can often mean dental problems and conditions are allowed to develop, leading to tooth decay, gum disease and even tooth loss. Accordingly certified dentists in Dumfries are invaluable to nervous patients.

However, dentistry today is a great deal more pain free and gentle, with innovative treatments such as the WAND and sedation helping nervous patients receive the dental treatment they need.

The Dumfries dental phobia dentists featured on this website are chosen for the care and help they have given to dental phobia patients and are highly recommended for anxious patients looking for a friendly dentist in the local Dumfries area.

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