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Ipswich is a vibrant town located in Suffolk in the East of England. The town has a population of almost 140,000 and has become a popular spot for young families, professionals and older people. Ipswich is close to the busy town of Colchester and Harwich in Essex and Felixstowe in Suffolk. It is best known for its football team which currently resides in the Championship and the Neptune Marina Quay development.

Famous people born in Ipswich include Sir Alf Ramsey, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, Ralph Fiennes and Nik Kershaw. It is also rumoured that Geoffrey Chaucer was born in the town and that he satirised Ipswich's merchants in The Canterbury Tales. Ipswich has applied for city status on a number of occasions, but it remains a town.

In addition to rich history and a range of attractions, Ipswich is also fortunate to house a host of highly regarded dental practices, many of which provide bespoke care for patients with dental phobia.

Dental phobia is a severe fear of going to the dentist or having dental treatment. Many Ipswich dentists are trained to provide care for patients who suffer from dental anxiety, and on this page you will find only Dental Phobia Certified dentists.

Ipswich dentists offer an impressive range of treatments, including general and cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and oral hygiene, as well as the latest treatments for patients with dental phobia, including sedation, The Wand and Waterlase.

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