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Known around the world for being the home of the Beatles, Liverpool has a population of 435,500 and is situated in the North West along the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary. Boasting a diverse population, Liverpool is home to both England's oldest African community and Europe's oldest Chinese community. Strengthening its cultural heritage and diversity, many of Liverpool's areas received UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 2004.

Liverpool isn't all cultural and heritage, however, as it boasts an extensive choice of dental practitioners who provide for individuals afflicted with dental phobia. Listed on our Liverpool page are only certified dentists, as it is our aim to make finding a dental phobia dentist in Liverpool simple. All the dentists we provide on our list have undergone extensive training in helping patients overcome dental phobia.

Dental phobia is a serious issue and is able to wreak devastation on a person's smile. We want to give you the tools to fight your phobia. Our Liverpool dental phobia dentists offer advanced solutions for nervous patients, including the latest techniques and treatments, such as sedation dentistry to ensure patient comfort and relaxation, distraction techniques, NuCalm and caring and attentive dental teams.

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