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The site of the world's first railway station, Manchester and Mancunians are used to being at the forefront of industry. The city has a population of 498,800 and has seen massive increases in growth over the years due to the rise of industry. Other industrial firsts that lie in Manchester's repertoire include being the location where the atom was first split and being the site of the first Trades Union Congress meeting.

Manchester has a reputation for being a city on the forefront of cultural movements and is known for its rich history and vivid music scene, its club atmosphere, making it a perfect location for a night out and its late 1980s punk scene. Seen as a city that is culturally advanced and full of character, it is unsurprising that Manchester would have an extensive list of dentists who tailor their services to cater to patients with dental phobia.

We provide details on only the dentists in your area who have met strict parameters to become certified. This has been done to make finding a Manchester dental phobia dentist easy to do – we know you are already worried about the actual treatment so we hope to make the process of finding a dentist as anxious-free as we can. The dentists we list offer services including sedation, NuCalm and a general caring service.

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