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Part of the United Kingdom, Wales is bordered by the Irish Sea to its north and west, England to its east and the Bristol Channel to its south. Wales has over 1680 miles of beautiful coastline and is vastly mountainous, with Snowdon being its highest summit at 1,085m.

Wales is renowned for its idyllic landscapes, friendly locals and seaside destinations. Cardiff, the country's capital, is the ninth largest city in the UK and is the base for the Welsh National Media and the seat of the National Assembly of Wales.

As well as all this, Wales also has much to offer when it comes to dental services. The nation is home to a great number of dental practices and there is a plethora of services available such as cosmetic dental treatments, general dentistry and dental hygiene.

There are also a number of certified dentists in Wales. These dentists have superior knowledge and experience when it comes to taking care of patients who suffer from dental phobia, a very severe anxiety issue associated with visiting the dentist and undergoing dental procedures. Dental phobia certified dentists in Wales can help to keep anxious patients calm, ensuring that their visit is a completely stress-free experience. They offer services such as dental sedation, NuCalm and distraction techniques to make your dental visit a peaceful one.

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