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Worcestershire is the birthplace of the composer, Edward Elgar, and is thought to be the inspiration for the setting of The Shire in J. R. R. Tolkien's famous books, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. The mainly rural county has an approximate population of 557,000 and consists of undulating hills and farmlands, along with the striking volcanic igneous rock and metamorphic rock of the Malvern Hills.

Bordering Shropshire, Hertfordshire and the West Midlands, in addition to Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire and Herefordshire, Worcestershire is a non-metropolitan county and has the rivers Avon and Severn running through it.

In addition to its fame for hobbit dwellings and volcanic rock the county is also renowned for the help patients are able to receive to overcome their dental phobia. The issue of dental phobia, or dentophobia as it is also known, is one that can have a profound effect on people in several ways; Some people are scared of the dentist themselves, while others feel fear at the prospect of the dentist drill, and others still actually have a fear of pain.

The Worcestershire dental phobia dentists listed on this page will take the time to address your worries and make sure that the treatment process is adjusted according to your needs. There are also many modern solutions available to patients for improved dental care and treatment, including the Dental Button, Nucalm and The Wand.

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