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Dental Button

The dental button is a revolutionary new method for treating dental fear/phobia. It consists of a small device which places control back in the hands of the patient.

Most people dread going to their dentist. Even if this is a twice yearly check, they still experience a sense of anxiety which can remain with them for their rest of the life.

How common is a fear of the dentist?

A fear of the dentist is far more common that you realise. It affects thousands of people and tends to affect more women than men. But there may be many more people affected than we realise which is often due to a reluctance to admit to this problem.

This is something men find difficult to admit as compared to women which may account for the higher numbers of women who suffer from dental phobia.

There are two dental problems: dental fear and dental phobia. The difference between the two is that a fear of the dentist does not prevent someone from undergoing treatment even though they find it an uncomfortable experience.

But someone with dental phobia is unable to set foot inside a dentist’s surgery and will put up with pain and discomfort rather than visiting their dentist.

There is an answer to this problem which is the ‘dental button’.

What is the dental button?

The dental button is a revolutionary new method for treating dental fear/phobia. It consists of a small device which places control back in the hands of the patient.

A lack of control is one of several reasons why people are scared to visit a dentist but this device removes that fear. It is a small, hand held device with a button which is connected to the dentist’s drill. The patient is able to stop treatment at any time, simply by pushing the button on this device.

This button stops the power supply to the drill which also stops dental treatment.

Why is the dental button attached to the drill?

The reason behind this is that the drill is one of the most feared aspects of dentistry. Many people have childhood memories of the drill, for example, when undergoing a filling and for these people the memories are anything but pleasant!

It is the high-pitched noise which people find off-putting and unwilling to undergo treatment which involves this. But technological advances in dental technology have led to new drills coming onto the market which are quieter and less frightening than before.

In the meantime the drill is here to stay which means finding ways to overcome your fear. The dental button is an ideal device for dental phobia in that you retain control over the drill and the treatment.

How does the dental button work during treatment?

If you feel anxious or experience any pain during your treatment then all you do is push the button on the device which then stops the drill. You can do this as many times as you need to.

Does this mean that the patient has control over the dentist?

No, because there is a sense of not wanting to interrupt the dentist or annoy him/her. But the dental button means that the patient understands that they have control during their treatment and can stop treatment if they need to.

Whether they choose to do so is up to them. But it is designed to reassure a nervous patient and reduce their fear and anxiety. This then enables the dentist to proceed with treatment.

Many dentists recognise that people are scared of treatment and especially procedures which involve the drill so are happy to consider ways of dealing with this. They would prefer someone to use a device such as the dental button or another technique for dental phobia rather than avoiding dental treatment altogether.

The important issue is to find something which works for both you and your dentist.

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