Olly Watts – Patient of Dr Kalpesh Bohara (The Dental Suite)


What was the reason for your dental phobia?

Bad experience at younger age.

What made you decide to take the first step in contacting a dentist despite your phobia?

Needed work doing and felt it was about time to see a dentist.

What made you choose the practice/clinic you did?

After extensive research online and forum chats with professionals, including Dr. Kalpesh Bohara, I found the Dental Suite to be one of the leading practices dealing with nervous patients.

Describe your dental experience.

First appointment was a welcoming review by Dr. Bohara at the Leicester practice, where he talked me through the work I would need.

As soon as the following week work was started, it was helpful to have everything fully explained. I felt less and less nervous with each appointment.

How did you manage to overcome your dental phobia?

Support from both staff at the Dental Suite and family. Also, having procedures explained was very helpful.

How do you currently feel about your dental phobia?

It is becoming less of a problem.

Any other comments or words of advice to people out there who are suffering from dental phobia and are avoiding the dentist?

Just bite the bullet and take the first step. It gets easier from there if you pick the right dentist.

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