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Kate Howey

Patient of Dr Leila Johnson
Causeway Dental Practice, 23 Causeway, Bicester, Oxfordshire OX26 6AN
Tel: 01869 252 394
What was the reason for your dental phobia?
I went to the dentist at the age of about 9yrs to have a tooth removed and ended up being pinned down by my mother, the nurse and the dentist had my head trapped between his legs to keep me still. At that age all I could hear was the cracking of the tooth not actually any pain. This experience has made me nervous of the dentist.
What made you decide to take the first step in contacting a dentist?
For my job I need to have a check up and get a form signed to enable me to travel with the team.
What made you choose the dentist / clinic that you did?
I heard from a friend that Ms johnson was very nice and gentle and puts patients at ease.
Describe your dental experience (from the initial contact, the first appointment, consultation and right through to the treatment including your feelings and anxieties throughout).
The receptionist was very helpful and found me a date and time to suit. My check up was very straight forward and I was given a thorough check up and x rays. During this process the Ms Johnson was very nice and explained every step of the way what was happening. I was then booked in for another appointment and on my return I had 4 fillings and two injections….. these did not hurt and although I was scared Ms Johnson reassured me at all times. Although I had treatment it was a good experience for me. I was in the chair for an hour and not once did I want to get up and run out as I did in the past.
How did you manage to overcome your dental phobia?
I think by having a dentist that explains everything and put me at ease.
How do you currently feel about your dental phobia?
I don’t think that i really have one anymore after my last experience, I don’t mind going again.
Any other comments or words of advice to people out there who are suffering from dental phobia and are avoiding the dentist?
Ask for an explanation of what exactly is going to happen and what you should feel and how long it will take.

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