Anxiety Care Charity

Anxiety Care is a registered charity that provides a support service for people wishing to recover from anxiety disorder, delivered by a team of trained volunteers who enable clients to organise and maintain personal recovery programmes.

This is done through cognitive behavioural techniques and gradual exposure exercise, with services including support and confidence building groups. Other services to combat anxiety are available  on the telephone and there are also one on one counselling services available.

It is Anxiety Care’s overall mission to highlight the reality of anxiety disorders, phobias and obsessions, and to give people the power to find their own strength to recover and maintain recovery afterwards.

For more information on the services provided by this worthwhile charity take some time to visit Anxiety Care.

Anxiety UK

Anxiety UK offers a range of resources about anxiety disorders, with exclusive benefits for members.

Anxiety UK was established in 1970 by a sufferer of agoraphobia who, feeling disheartened with the response she had from her GP, felt there must be another way forward. Today the charity is still run by people who have ongoing personal experience of anxiety, retaining the organisation’s original ethos. The services offered by Anxiety UK have grown considerably, with face to face, phone and webcam therapy now offered throughout the country, as well as specialist phone services.

Their website,, offers a variety of resources to visitors.  This includes explanations and diagnosis of anxiety disorders according to the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual (IV) used by clinicians. The website also provides exclusive member areas.

Anxiety UK has an excellent support component, which helps those living with anxiety disorders by offering guidance, including a useful directory to self help groups and therapists in the UK.

The charity appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds who either have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, or care for a loved one with an anxiety disorder. Their website is an accessible, helpful source of support and information for anyone with an anxiety disorder. For more information visit or ring the helpline on 08444 775 774 (Monday-Friday, 9:30-5:30).

Marianna Csoti

Marriana’s site is full of helpful articles and advice on mental health issues ranging from anxiety and depression to panic attacks and school phobia. This is a resource helpful for both children and adults.

Marianna’s books  to help children are all practical in nature and very complete, requiring no further research even for discussion questions. Her books for adults are also practical and down-to-earth containing tips and ideas anyone can use.

There is information available on relaxation techniques, for which there are also relaxation cassettes to help you on the road to relaxation.

Because dental phobia is something that can raise your anxiety when triggered, the advent of the relaxation techniques available on Marianna’s site is a sure way to help you get the treatment you need.

For more information visit

Would you believe your panic is actually  unnecessary? If you understand the ‘mind processes’ at work ‘when’ you panic – you will slowly understand there is no need for it!  ’A free site resource, awarded 5* by the UK Mental Health Foundation. is a resource site dedicated to helping those who happen to suffer from panic or anxiety, which are closely related to the reactions that happen when one experiences dental phobia.

This is an excellent resource to become more educated on the reasons behind your states of panic, how to monitor them and even how to overcome them.

As well as providing much needed information on panic, there are also book reviews related to the mind and the overarching theme of panic.

For more information on panic and how you can be helped to overcome it, take a moment to visit

University of St Andrews – Modified Dental Anxiety Scale

Dental phobia is something that we are still learning about every day, in the hope that more people can be helped to access the dental treatment they deserve.

Accordingly, the University of St Andrews has developed The Modified Dental Anxiety Scale (MDAS) to give greater insight into the thoughts and feelings of those with anxious feelings towards dentistry. The MDAS scale is free to use for researchers who want to measure dental anxiety, offering  an adapted and improved version of Corah’s Dental Anxiety Scale.

The MDAS is comprised of 5 questions and a 5 category rating scale for each one (e.g. from ‘not anxious’ to ‘extremely anxious’). The rating scale is simplified but informative and is widely used in surveys and clinical studies due to the excellent levels of validity and reliability it provides.

This model can be used by patients to gain further understanding of how severe their dental phobia is and can also be of use to dentists in better understanding the feedback of their patients.

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Painfreedentistry is a patient informational site where they have compiled information on an assortment of dental apparatus known as The Comfort Zone- these are technologies that help to achieve painless dentistry.

The aim is to make a dental visit as pleasant and stress free as possible, whether you happen to be a dental phobic, child or adult patient.

Information is provided on decay prevention, early detection, drill free dentistry, painfree numbing, comfortable root treatment and maximum patient comfort in the chair with memory cushions.

The wealth of information available will make your knowledge of the technologies and techniques available for dental phobia great.

For more information visit

Dental Practice Systems-DPS

Dental Practice Systems (DPS) is a dental supply company offering some of the best known and helpful dental phobia products on the market today.

They have selected only the best performing products in their Comfort Zone portfolio. The products they supply have a track record of bringing a superior level of treatment for dentists providing services for dental phobic patients.

If you are a practicing dentist and you want to have the most suitable technology available for your phobia patients, DPS is an excellent place to start.

Some of their main products include The Wand STA anaesthetic delivery device, CrystalAir air abrasion unit, DIAGNOdent caries detector, the CariFree caries prevention system and much, much more.

For more information about the advanced systems provided by DPS visit

Stressing Out

Stressing Out is a resource for people dealing with stress, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.

It focuses on the stressful anxiety we encounter on a daily basis, taking a holistic approach to help unravel the connection between such problems. Practical advice and support is available, as well as an exclusive eBook on surviving modern life.

Through facing the effects of stress and its associated symptoms head on, Stressing Out hopes to provide people with the tools and awareness to overcome the everyday stresses await us at every corner.

On the site you will find a quiz to help you identify the symptoms of depression, self-help strategies, such as relaxation techniques, positive associations and increasing motivation, and information on raising one’s self-esteem.

Injex UK

Injex is the ideal and real alternative solution for anyone who doesn’t like needles or the long lasting numbing. It is the only needle free solution available for those people who have a fear of needles.

The Injex system is a small, lightweight, spring-operated device that delivers anesthetic into the gum as an extremely fine jet of liquid in a fraction of a second. There are no needles and no part of the device penetrates the skin. You will not experience the widespread numbness in the gum that you get from a needle, this is completely normal and your gum will be sufficiently anesthetised for a normal filling

It offers you a proven, needle free and virtually painless solution. Injex is quick to administer, with the anesthetic taking affect in about a minute, it is ideal for upper 6 to 6 and lower 5 to 5. Injex is especially good for children and can dramatically increase you and your child’s comfort and help ensure that a trip to the dentist isn’t an experience you dread.

Dr Rob Endicott Stratford Upon Avon is also using Injex on almost every patient for the 3 to 3, it doesn’t require topical gel and the wear off time is a lot quicker so people can go back to work without the horrible numb feeling.

See it being used and more details can be found