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Bad experience at the dental clinic

Hi Jennifer, I’m a 22 year old woman and absolutely petrified at the thought of going to the dentist. I have suffered with bad teeth since I was young, but because of my fear of dentists I went to my doctors instead a couple of years ago who told me my severe decaying in my teeth was probably down to a lack of iron and vitamins I have always had. The last time I went to the dentist I could tell he was very shocked by the way and manner he was speaking to me, he seemed completely at a loss, which resulted in me leaving feeling very embarrassed, I have not returned since. The bottom row of my teeth seem ok apart from 2 molars I know I need removing, however my top row is a different matter. Nearly every tooth on top need work done, there is alot of decay on most if not all of them, and i know a few need to come out. I think some of them can be saved, but the there is one immediately next to my two front teeth, on the right hand side that has decayed, I’m scared of it being taken out, I know that sounds silly, but I don’t want a big gap at the front of my mouth and i am scared the dentist wont replace it, or give me months to wait, I think I need some sort of root canal treatment and on top of everything else all of my wisdom teeth have come through, and I am currently in a lot of pain and it is all extremely overwhelming. My confidence has always suffered majorly because of my dental health, I am constantly on edge in case I have to smile or talk to someone that will notice how bad my teeth are and get the wrong impression, I brush and use mouthwash twice daily, but cant seem to stop my teeth from decaying, the physical pain has become unmanageable, and I am trying to move to a different dentist, but am terrified I will be met with the same judgement as my last dentist. Any advice you have would be very much appreciated

The decay in your teeth is not cased by a lack of iron or vitamins !
Whatever the cause , you now have lots of decayed teeth , and its having a serious effect on the quality of your life . You are only 22 , and with a life ahead of many years if you can start the process of getting some dental care , then you will have a better life .
There is no reason why you should be left without anything to replace teeth at the top front when they get removed .
From what you describe some of the teeth may be too far decayed to save .
But what may happen if you do nothing is that the tooth may snap off , leaving you with little choice , as replacement teeth of any sort take time to arrange , and should be planned for .
Have a look at , where others have made recommendations of kind dentists . I dont know where you live , or whether you could afford Private treatment ?
Sometimes because you feel shame and guilt inside , you decide what the dentist might be thinking when in fact they are not thinking that at all ! You may have encountered someone who just didn’t know what to do . .
But a change of dentist might be right , but go with an open mind and dont try to guess what the person is thinking , the guess may be wrong !
I hope this helps you move forward

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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