Can a Dentist Remove a Tooth Under Anaesthetic?
29th February 2016

Hi . My partner will not go to see a dentist due to a previous bad experience - she has not been to the dentist for over 20 years and currently has a tooth that needs to be removed - she is talking about pulling it our herself which I have said isn't a good idea! Do you know if a dentist will remove a tooth under anaesthetic or at least recommend that this be done at a hospital? How would this process work, as she is currently not registered anywhere?  Thanks.

A. It's unlikely that she can pull her own tooth out - that only happens when they are so loose that they fall out! She needs to see someone to see what's needed. Its possible to have a tooth removed under local anaesthetic and IV sedation, or alternatively in a case of severe dental phobia to be referred to hospital for IV sedation or a GA. Hope this helps, Jenny.

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Dr Jennifer Pinder

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