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Can I be referred to a hospital for dental treatment?

I’m 17 and terrified of the dentist and recently have been experiancing a very uncomfortable pain at the left side of my mouth, I’ve had some X-Rays done by the dentist and they said I needed one of my teeth out, they started of by giving me simple treatments such as a polish and I was fine with this until they decided to go higher and do a filling and even though it was a shallow filling and they had numbed my mouth I felt every part of it. This put me off even more then they told me I can’t be refered to hospital to get them out. Would you suggest I just baired the pain and let them do it or should I be adamant I want refered?

It sounds as if the local anesthetic hadnt worked well enough for the filling .
If you want to have the tooth out under sedation then you can ask to be referred somewhere for this .
They cant say that you cant be referred .
However its sometimes not easy to get the facilities to do this , and there may be quite a wait , or you have to travel .
Perhaps you could ask for some sedative tablets or ask them for more anaesthetic if its uncomfortable /
Its often easier to get a tooth numb for an extraction, than say a lower back tooth

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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