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Can I Get Sedation on the NHS for the Grinding Part of a Crown Fitting?

Hi. I have had sedation a few times now as I have had a huge fear of dentists since childhood. I’ve just had a root canal done and they said about getting a crown done but when they said they have to grind your tooth so the crown fits I was scared to death to the point of not having it done. Can I get the grinding part of the crown fitting done on NHS sedation? I’ve had descaling done as I couldn’t sit still but never this before. Thanks for any help.

That’s quite easy to answer. You would not get the grinding part of making the crown under NHS sedation.
Firstly, the preparation and fitting has to be done by the same dentist .
A crown after root canal treatment is not always needed, it depends how much tooth is lost afterwards.
I’m not sure what facility gave you IV sedation for a root canal, but you were fortunate as that’s almost impossible to find on the NHS.
The main thing that’s sure is that any tooth preparation would not hurt as the tooth is dead. However, you could ask to have some form of oral sedative such as 10 mgm of diazepam before the appointment, and also take some earphones and music to help with the noise.
One of the problems with always having IV sedation is that you never have a positive experience when you are conscious to see that it might not be so terrible as you imagine. Hope this helps, Jenny.

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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