Can I Have My Abscess Drained in a Hospital?
16th August 2016

Hi. I have had a large abscess for 4 weeks now, under a back tooth. 3 sets of antibiotics have done nothing apart from reduce the facial swelling. I usually pay for IV sedation but I don't even feel this is an option as I am just terrified now after issues with this tooth. Can I ask to be referred to hospital to have the abscess drained and the tooth pulled under general anaesthetic? Thanks. 

A. If you have an abscess, then the antibiotics will only have taken down the acute infection. The chronic infection still remains and will not go away without treating the tooth, probably to have the tooth out. Yes, you can ask to be referred to hospital to have GA (some will do IV sedation). However, there may be quite a wait and they would not just drain the abscess, as it will come back again. If you have paid for sedation in the past, then you know that you will not remember any of the procedure and that might be the quickest way to get it sorted out.  Hope this helps,  Jenny.

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