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Can I have treatment on the NHS and pay for sedation?

Hello Dr Jennifer Pinder I was wondering if you could advise me please. I have an infected broken tooth and have been to see the dentist to discuss treatment under sedation. The cost was £990 to extract this tooth and 4 other roots (where the tooth has fallen out) deep clean and one filling. I wanted to find out if there was an option to have the treatment done NHS but pay for the sedation. The sedation part cost £200 in this quote the rest was for the treatemnt.
Kind regards 

Hi, I sympathise with your situation and hope your OK. As for treatment on the NHS I’m not sure if this is possible any more . It might be that all the treatment and the sedation has to be done on the NHS. In terms of pricing for sedation I’d say £200 is a fairly standard fee is the South East. To get a more accurate quote you would have to ask an NHS Dentist who provides sedation, sorry I can’t be of more help.

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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