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Can you please explain the WAND treatment for me? I don’t really understand it…

Hi, can you explain WAND treatment to me? I don’t really understand it because the sedation is STILL being injected in isn’t it? It’s the injection that I’m so scared of. I just really see the point in the WAND treatment if it still involves pain from an injection, surely receiving the injection more slowly would hurt more? Thank you for your time!

The Wand doesnt inject sedation, its a device for delivering injections in a painless controlled way .
Firstly a surface anaesthetic gel is used for a minute or so to numb the soft tissue where the needle goes in .
However with the very fine needles that are used its not the needle penetration that hurts unless its given roughly .
Its the injection solution being shot in too fast .
The Wand starts dripping the local in very slowly and painlessly , once the soft tissue inside is numbed then the delivery is speeded up .
I bought one to use for patients because I hate injections . When I had a root canal done , I didnt realise the dentist had given me the injection .
The needle is on a long thin tube so it doesnt feel like the big metal syringe , and if you close your eyes it also helps.

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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