How Can I Find a New Dentist?
15th September 2016

Hi, I'm concerned about my dentist. My last dentist, who was very good, retired last year. Since this has happened the place has gone to the dogs. All the reception staff have been sacked and all the dentists are new and have trouble communicating with patients. My son wasn't happy yesterday when I took him for his appointment. The dentist was not professional and he didn't really do a good examination either. My new dentist is OK, but I have pockets between my teeth, which are painful. She doesn't know what form of treatment to give apart from a clean, which would involve an injection, which would kill me because it is still painful and my tooth is loose. I need advice, I don't know how to find another dentist and I'm worried now about taking my son back and going back myself.

A. Hello. It sounds as if you have lost confidence in this practice. Once that happens it's very difficult to have a good dentist /patient relationship and feel any trust. Some dentists and hygienists do give local anaesthetics for some areas if the gums are quite inflamed, as otherwise it's too uncomfortable to do it properly, so I should not discount the idea. Injections don't have to be painful. I would google dentists in your area and find out who is taking on new patients and speak to the receptionist /look at their website and see what they look like. I would avoid practices that are owned by Corporate Chains (NHS), as some of them have the kind of problems that you describe. Hope this helps, Jenny.

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