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How can I get dental treatment with my needle phobia?

I have a massive phobia of the dentist (ever since having too many teeth out at once) and needles. I’ve managed to overcome my needlephobia, but as soon as they go near my mouth it makes me feel faint/ pass out and the idea of going to the dentist and having work done brings me out a full on cold sweat. I currently have a filling which has partially come out, and while it’s not causing terrible pain- the tooth is beginning to become fragile and i’m now suffering pain with it more and more.

The solution, i know, is to have the filling drilled out and then refilled- but it may need to be taken out (i’m not sure i’m no dentist)

but i can’t bring myself to go to the dentist because of the mouth needles/ dental work- I know some dentists can give you IV sedation (which would be fine as i’ve managed to mostly overcome needlephobia where my skin is involved) But how do i go about getting this done? I don’t want to lose my teeth, but despite doing my best to look after them i really need to see a dentist and get this work done!

thank you!

it should be possible to get you the help you need .
Firstly you have a tooth that needs treatment of some sort , and you don’t know at this stage what that is , you can only imagine the worst .
Seeing a dentist only means just that , finding out what the condition of the tooth is . Finding out what the options for treatment are .
It might be sensible to find a dentist who does sedation so that option can be explored .
Youve done very well to get over your fear of needles in the skin already .
hope this helps you to take the all important first step , or nothing will change .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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