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How can I get over my fear and finally get my teeth straightened?

Hello Dr Pinder, I’m 24 and have been terrified of the dentist since I can remember. The last time I visited the dentist I was 14 and I had been told I needed braces. Upon the day of my brace fitting I completely freaked out in the waiting room and ran out in a panic vowing never to return, which I haven’t. But now my teeth are so crooked I’m embarrassed to smile anymore. It’s really affecting my confidence and self-esteem and I want desperately to have them sorted out but I just can’t face it. Every time I even think about phoning up the dentist I start sweating and hyperventilating. I really want to overcome this fear in order to regain confidence in my smile again, but I just can’t push myself to go to the dentist. Do you have any advice to help me go to the dentist and overcome my fear?I’m desperate. Help me please!!

from your story you made up your mind to have braces , went through assessment ,moulds , and then gave up !
What was it you were afraid of , were you scheduled to have teeth out ?
You will probably have to pay privately for treatment , so to get to where you got to before you will have to make an investment in money which you would not want to waste .
It may be that the method that would be used for your straightening may have changed , as orthodontics for adults has moved on a great deal .
Getting a consultation doesn’t commit you to anything , but it would get you started .
When you know exactly whats involved then the peron treating you should be able to talk you through your fears and help you get to where you want to be .
Otherwise all you will ever acheive is dreaming of straight teeth , but not taking any action
Good luck , modern straightening can change lives

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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