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How can I replace my front tooth?

I desperately need to see a dentist and I have been reading about a dentist in Hereford who is trained in the care of patients with dental phobia.
I have no back teeth, and now I have at tooth loose at the front of my mouth. It will soon come out so I have no choice now I have to visit the dentist. But I’m terrified and its worse now because I don’t know if I could have a tooth or whatever they do put in the same time as they removed the loose one..I couldn’t walk around with out a front tooth..what will the dentist do please?

Hello .
well there is some hope for you here .
It is possible to have a tooth placed immediately the tooth is extracted .
However if you have no back teeth that will probably mean having at least a temporary denture as the false tooth.Then you can explore other options for replacement teeth .
Hope you go and make the appointment as soon as possible as it takes a while to make a denture.
Hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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