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How can I tell my dentist I want numbing?

I have recently had root canal treatment on a front tooth for which I had a local anesthetic ,my dentist told me I will not need to be numbed for the follow up appointment , I feel I would rather be as it may be painful without ,should I mention this before I go ? Thank you.

Hello  This is a useful question .
My personal take on this is logical But is also what I would choose to do as a patient .
At first stage the tooth root is cleaned of what is inside it . This might have been a live nerve , or dead nerve tissue .
Technically and often there is then no feeling when it’s re-entered the next time to be filled
However occasionally there is some feeling at the end of the root .
a lot of people have anticipatory anxiety without numbness , the ‘waiting for it to hurt ‘ syndrome .
So I almost always give some local at the second stage for physical and psychological comfort .
Only exception may be needle phobics.
Tell the dentist you prefer to have an injection and don’t take no for an answer !

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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