How to I overcome my dental phobia, needle phobia and claustrophobia?
4th August 2011

i have read about dental phobia as i know i have this it stems from also having a needle phobia and from being claustraphobic, i suffer terrible panic attacks and even walking past the dentist makes me feel sick how can i overcome this as my teeth are in a real bad way

A. Good day to you adn thanks for your enquiry. You have some underlying difficulties such a needle phobia , claustrophobia and panic attacks . The fears will have to be overcome so that you can get at least to see the dentist . 1. Ask your Gp for a referral to a CBT therapist , as you need help with the anxiety aspects of your psychological health as well as specific help with needle phobia . Have a look at the forum for dental phobics . www.dentalfearcentral .org there are useful resources there , support from other people with similar problems and some suggestions for empathetic dentists

Dental Phobia

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