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I am medical phobia with hardly any teeth, help?

Hello, I think that I am on the verge of a medical phobic. I am so terrified by the prospect of medical procedures that over the years I have avoided doctors and dentists I am afraid to say at great cost to my health. My mouth is in a really bad way and I am ashamed and embarrassed and self conscious and I cannot go on like this because it has already been ruining my life for years. I am so frightened of the extent of the work that I am going to need and what it is going to involve. If you are looking at me face on, from my front tooth on the left hand side and counting backwards, I only have five teeth, including my front tooth. All of the teeth from the fifth tooth onwards are missing, although I think I may have a small wisdom tooth under the gum that never came through. On the right side, I have one missing tooth, and another one that is partially missing. On the bottom starting from the right they are all intact right the way around to the left bottom side where I have two bottom teeth missing and again one partially cracked. I also have roots remaining under the gum line of some of the teeth that have broken off, but not on the top right side where I have all those top teeth missing. I have looked at treatment options and I am afraid that I just could not go through implant surgery. My main worry is how the top right hand side could be treated without implants with all of those teeth missing.
Many thanks for any advice that you can give me. 

Hello, Believe me you are not alone in being in this condition.Ive been treating several people a month recently like yourself . |Most of them had got to the stage of being unable to have gone to the dentist for years , but also being unable to carry on with their lives being blighted by their phobias .
You say you have looked at treatment options but Im not sure whether that means by looking round the Internet or from having the full information about your own circumstances ,options and preferences .
Implants have only recently become a reliable treatment option for missing teeth.
Its likely that there would be a treatment plan that would be suitable for you , perhaps with implants in it ,but the basic disease has to be got rid of before that could happen .
Can you e- mail me on letting me know where you are in the country then I can make some more relevant suggestions .
Jenny Pinder

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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