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I am very afraid of needles

I am so afraid of a needle there is no word invented yet to describe it. My teeth is in a very bad state, and I am currently on antibiotics (4 days so far) because I have an abscess. All the pain is gone but the abscess wont get a head so I can drain the pus and it is uncomfortable. I cannot visit a dentist now because I literally can’t afford it and I can’t seek attention from the free clinic because of some immigration stuff, how can I help the abscess get head? secondly what is abrasion gas and will it help me because i am absolutely frightened of the whole process. thank you very much.

First of all there must be some emergency clinics for dentistry in your area , or if in London the Dental Hospitals do them .
Your immigration status is not my business , its my business to help you . I dont believe that you will be asked any thing about that except to check in with an address and give your name and date of birth .
You have a chronic infection which will come and go , sometimes possibly swell up , but the infection will never go without some sort of treatment . All antibiotics do is to take away the acute crisis and pain .
These clinics are free , although a general dentist will have to get you to sign that you are on benefits , which sounds as if that might not be possible . I dont think a dental hospital does this .
Im not sure what you mean by abrasion gas ?
I think that you may be looking for ‘gas ‘ ( nitrous oxide /oxygen ) which can help with injection phobia .
Have a look at , and anxiety Uk , both of which have free resources to help you with your injection fears
Hope this helps a bit


Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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