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I can’t eat normal food anymore

Hi. I have had numerous problems with my teeth since I was 16 onwards. I was registered at my local dentist but every time I went I felt like I was just paying for unbearable pain. My dentist never listened to when I said it hurt and now I’m petrified to even book an appointment. My fillings on my front teeth have fallen out and I’ve already had a tooth removed. Im only 21. How can I get work done by a good, caring dentist with the minimum pain. This is really important to me as I can’t eat what I want anymore.

Im so sorry you are in this position at so young an age .
Its understandable that you have become so fearful , and don’t want to return for another dose of pain . That is actually entirely rational .
I don’t know where you live , but there is a website called , where patients who are like you talk about their problems
There are also recommendations for dentists who other patients have found sympathetic .
There is no excuse for a dentist not listening when someone says it hurts , and there are many ways that pain and discomfort can be eliminated .If thats the case with a particular dentist , go somewhere else . I cant have my teeth treated if I can feel anything !!!!
The other thing I hear from your story is that you are prone to tooth decay . There are things that you can do to help to prevent this getting worse . Its rarely a case of ‘just being unlucky ‘
make sure you brush correctly with a fluoride toothpaste , possibly use a high fluoride daily mouthrinse such as Fluoriguard . perhaps try and see a dental hygienist first , they can now see the public directly .
Hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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