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I could feel my wisdom tooth being extracted

Hi had a dentist appointment today to get my wisdom tooth out.I was put under anaesthetic. As she started pulling out could fell the pulling and very sore. So I told her to stop and left why I am so soft to not get it done.I had 2 wisdom tooth out. At hospital and I was fine under anaesthetic.

Im not too sure what anaesthetic you mean . Was it just an injection in the gum , or did you have some form of injection in your gum ?
However the fact that you were feeling pain means that the injection had not worked fully .
Sometimes where the soft gum around the tooth is very infected it takes a lot of numbing solution to get it completely dead , or waiting for a while .
But if the dentist couldnt get it numb then you are not being a ‘wimp ‘ for not wanting to continue . unfortunately on the occasional time , nothing seems to work as happened to you

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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