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I have had dental phobia since chlildhood, what can I do?

i have a real dental phobia, to the point where i cannot walk in to a surgery without hyperventilating and suffering extreme panic. I was held on a chair at the age of 8 yrs old for an extraction, and will take high levels of painkillers to avoid the dentist. I have already had 1 extraction under sedation, this was the last resort when the painkillers no longer worked. My teeth need some attention and i have another loose tooth which is possibly going to fall out soon. I have regular pain as well. I would like a dental phobic dentist reccomended by yourselves, nearer to where i live, that can offer full sedation for the work i need. I have read your website with interest and this has prompted me to write, although the word dentist sends me into a blind panic. I live in lewisham and have a husband who can drive me. I cannot make an appointment for the london clinics as this would mean train travel which is probably not a good idea after sedation!
Sorry for rambling on, but i am in need of some advice,
Thank you in advance

Hello It
Sounds as if you may have Post Traumatic Dental Stress disorder related to your experience at 8 years old .
Im sure that there is someone in Lewisham who does IV sedation , and you could google that or ask the Primary Care Trust who does this in the borough .Another option is to look at where patients say who has helped them . .
The hyperventilation and Panic are extremely unpleasant in themselves , and maybe your Doctor could give you a mild sedative to take an hour before your appointment time for the assessment .
I treat many patients with your type of history , some by giving them help with the psychological issues to help them get to having treatment without sedation , others have sedation of various sorts , both oral and IV .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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